Patient Safety is Top Priority at Kingwood Pines Hospital

The safety of patients and employees in any healthcare setting is important, but in a psychiatric hospital it is top priority. At Kingwood Pines Hospital, there are several steps that are taken to ensure everyone’s safety.

When employees are hired at Kingwood Pines, they go through a rigorous orientation which includes hands-on education about patient safety. This includes everything from identifying objects brought into the hospital that might pose a potential threat to the patient or even to employees, Verbal De-Escalation, and CPI Training.

Some items that might not be obvious could cause a potential threat to a patient in a mental health crisis or could cause harm others around them. Any items that also might interfere with the therapeutic treatment the patient is receiving are monitored, and many are not allowed. Some of the items not allowed in the hospital include: Cameras, audio/visual recording devices of any kind; metal cans or sharp metal objects such as hangers or wire/spiral notebooks; clothing with drawstrings or shoes with shoelaces; any items containing alcohol such as perfume, aftershave; or anything electronic such as cell phones, pagers, CD/DVD/MP3, curling irons and blow dryers. A further list of items suggested to bring/not to bring for an inpatient stay can be found on our website at

When a patient is in crisis, they might verbally or physically act out. The staff members at Kingwood Pines are trained in verbal de-escalation skills as well as CPI Training (Crisis Prevention). Specific employees within the hospital respond when a patient might be escalating, and by using verbal de-escalation, many times these patients can avoid a physical confrontation and be calmed.

While someone is a patient at Kingwood Pines, employees do safety checks on them every 15 minutes, 24 hours per day. This means that every patient is visually checked every 15 minutes, no matter what activity they are involved at the time. In some cases, a patient may be assigned an employee to be with them 24/7 for a short period of time in order to ensure their safety.

The administrative staff of the hospital takes an active role in being on call and doing rounds in the hospital. Everyone from the leadership of the hospital to the employees that work directly with the patients is a very important part of making this happen.

Kingwood Pines CEO Jimmy Burroughs says that involving the entire team in patient safety makes a huge difference. “Safety is #1 for our patients, because it allows them to move through the therapeutic process, such as going to groups and participating in the therapeutic activities that help them heal,” Burroughs said.

For those who are unstable with their mental illness or are in a crisis, Kingwood Pines provides no-cost assessments at our hospital 24-hours-per-day, 7-days per week. Information and appointments can be made by calling our intake department at 281-404-1001, but appointments are not required. If you or anyone you know is in a mental health crisis, we are right around the corner and would be glad to help!

If you have a group that wants to know more about Kingwood Pines Hospital’s services, we are also happy to provide community outreach. Call our Business Development Department at 281-404-1039. Let’s work together to keep our community safe, happy and healthy!