Benefits of Grooming

When it comes to our favorite four legged friends, we dog lovers spare no expense with their health and happiness in mind. Regular bathing and grooming helps not only keep your pup looking and feeling its best, it also can greatly help their health and skin. Each breed of dog is different though, and with those differences comes breed specific requirements. For instance a long-haired Golden Retriever requires regular bathing, grooming, and brushing in order to make sure their coat doesn’t become matted and to keep their skin in good condition, while a short haired boxer can get by with a good bath every few months. Many pet owners find that they can manage these grooming needs, but many find that entrusting these jobs to a caring professional can be just as rewarding!

Having your dog professionally groomed certainly helps them to look their best, but proper grooming does a lot more for dogs than just helping their appearance. A proper groom involves a deep soaking and scrubbing bath, a fancy new haircut, a good brush, and maintenance to troubled locations such as nails, ears, and any other areas requiring special attention. While brushing is only one of these steps, I feel it is the most important. When your dog is brushed, either at home or by a professional, natural oils from their skin are released into their coat. That is why your pup’s coat appears shiny after a good brushing .Dirt, dead skin, and most importantly that undercoat which most find in corners of their homes are released from their coat as well. For breeds with longer hair brushing regularly will remove tangles and matted hair. Removing those tangles early will help your pups avoid discomfort, skin irritations, and the possible future need for shaving. While shaving your dog sounds like an easy alternative to all this work, it may actually do more damage than good. Shaving can be harmful to the new fur coming in on many types of dogs such as Pomeranians, which have what is known as a double coat.

Bringing your dog to a professional groomer will leave them looking and smelling their best. A professional has the right tools and skills to help keep your pet comfortable while at the same time looking fantastic according to breed or personal preference. Professionals can properly groom your dog safely based on behavior. They understand what areas are more sensitive and are trained on how to make a dog feel comfortable either around water, scissors, and even loud clippers. Introducing your pup to grooming at a younger age will help avoid nervousness, but even with that in mind you can ALWAYS teach an old dog new tricks! Professionals spend the time to create a bond with your pup helping to produce a more quality cut and experience. Taking your companion to a groomer will allow them to socialize not only with different people but around dogs as well. Though your dog wont be running around and playing with other dogs, being at the groomers gives them the opportunity to get used to sounds and smells of others. During the process of bathing, drying, brushing, and clipping groomers will look over your dog and check for any abnormalities such as dry skin irritation, lumps, possible ear infections, and even plaque build up on their teeth. The sooner owners are aware of a possible problem the sooner their companion can get taken care of.

At The Lodge Luxury Boarding Retreat we provide grooming for all breed types. We are equipped to give regular baths, deshedding baths, haircuts, and so much more. Grooming will be a available Monday through Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, opening as early as 7am to fit busy schedules. We are offering reasonably priced grooms and $5 off your pet’s first groom with me. I will be responsible for all deshedding and haircut appointments. I look forward to providing you with a great haircut and being a trustworthy provider for your companion. If you have any questions or want to schedule your next grooming appointment please give us a call.

— Stephanie Worden