Fishing Adventures

6-28-17 Fishing with Austin at South Padre Island

Catching the Limit

Austin invited me to go fishing with him, so on Wednesday morning we drove to South Padre Island. We always have a great time together. We like to wade fish and go out on the boat. On Thursday evening me, Austin, his dad and his friend, Greg all went out on the boat and went fishing. We were fishing for speckled trout out in the bay. In an hour and a half we all had our limit of 5 fish. Austin’s dad wanted to share his story about our fishing trip. Thanks for inviting me. I had an awesome time!

Off the Streets and Into the Water

My father always opened opportunities up for me to get off the streets and into the water specifically speaking with a fishing rod. So when I have an opportunity to take young men fishing, I jump at the chance! My son Austin asked if he could bring Derek down with him to South Padre Island for some bay fishing and they arrived on a Wednesday.

Well if you have ever been to the “Tip of Texas”, you know it’s windy! And when it’s windy, the fish don’t bite! But when they arrived they immediately jumped into our small boat and headed up to the very shallow water and sight casted for redfish. We like to wade fish down south and these two are good at it. Wading the flats in Texas is popular but most people like to drift points or anchor up on the Intracoastal Canal that runs all the way from Brownsville, Texas to Boston, Massachusetts. In the Lower Laguna Madre the water is clear and if you’re quiet and slow you can sneak up on the redfish and catch em! They caught some redfish, trout and even a flounder, which we call “the trifecta” if you call do it all in the same day. The next afternoon I took them out and we waded the edge of the Intracoastal and they managed to catch their limit of speckled trout throwing lures.

As a parent we always seem to worry about our kids, but I seem to worry less when they’re off the streets and in the water!

K W Pritchett

7-2-17 Trey Gets a New Boat

Trey just got a new boat. It is 2014 Alpha 211 Legend. Wow it is sure is awesome! He found out that it was previously owned by Gary Yamamoto. He is an FLW pro and has his own line of soft plastics. Trey and I talked to him at the Bassmaster and he gave us a lot of his baits. He has a lot of great baits that we use all the time.

Trey came by to give me a ride. Everyone was so excited. Grant and Dan and even my mom had to have a ride on his new boat. It just glides across the water. I can’t wait till my boat comes in.

It’s Saturday and Trey came by and picked me up in his new boat. It sure is nice! We were just idling around and graphing on Lake Conroe. It was starting to rain so we were just driving around looking for spots when I noticed a school of fish on the graph. We waited for the rain to stop then we started fishing. I was fishing with a deep diving crank bait and the fish were biting. Trey was throwing a C-Rig. I started pulling them in. Trey wasn’t having any luck so he switched to a deep diving crank bait also and the fun began. We just sat there and kept on pulling them in. We were there about 30 to 40 minutes and caught close to 20 fish. Almost every cast we got a bite. What a way to break in the new boat.

It’s the Fourth of July and we are going to see what we can find today. Our first spot we went to we have not fished in over a year. Trey threw his first cast and about 5 to 6 casts later BAM he hooked up into a GIANT 7.84 pounder.

It happened again, the second spot we went to we found another school of fish. I think it is our lucky day two schools of fish in a week. We are at a different location than we were at the other day. Trey threw his first cast bam a 3 ½ pounder. Second cast he got a 2 pounder, then on the 3rd cast he hooked up another BIG ONE! That’s incredible 2 HUGE ONES in one day. WOW another awesome fish. We put her on the scale and she weighed 7.76 pounds. I caught 5 fish weighing between 2 and 2 ½ pounds and Trey caught 6 fish. I think the new boat is good luck. WOW, What a DAY! It just doesn’t get any better than that. Great day of fishing with my best friend.