Genetic Testing


As a specialist in Ear, Nose and Throat as well as Allergy, every day in my office I see patients with chronic health conditions that are very hard to cure.

A short list of these would include allergies, asthma, sinusitis, cough, headaches, muscle pain, fatigue, thyroid problems, digestive disorders and auto-immune diseases.

Modern medicine has made great progress over the last 33 years since I finished my residency training. Yet all of us in medicine know that many conditions have no effective cure.

Much has been written and discussed regarding the effect of human genes on health and disease. Each of us has a unique pattern of genetic information passed from our parents that makes us who we are, controlling everything from eye color to length of our toes.

In simple terms, most genes are codes for the cells to make certain proteins. The proteins then control most of the growth, energy and healing processes in our bodies, often through formations of enzymes. Enzymes are like the key in the ignition switch of your car, getting things started.

Many genetic tests are available, to check anything from our ancestry to our chance of developing cancer. Many tests for complex disease processes are expensive. Many give so much information that it is almost impossible to find the part that is relevant to what is making a person feel sick.

Over the last year, I have been impressed by the work of an ENT specialist in Austin, Kendal Stewart, MD. He is a brilliant and well respected physician who has been successful in treating many chronic neurological and immune diseases. He feels, like I do, that the best treatment involves the use of the right kind of essential nutrients, vitamins and supplements and well researched drugs, both synthetic and natural sourced.

According to Wikipedia, each of us have around 20,000 different genes that code for making proteins. Dr. Stewart has identified 55 genes that are key in controlling the areas of energy production, nerve stability, immune function (including autoimmune disease and allergy) and ability to absorb essential vitamins.

I have decided to provide the tests he has developed in my office. The testing itself is painless, just a cotton swab in the inner cheek of the mouth.

A vital member of my office staff, Kristin Fitzgerald, Board Certified Physician Assistant, is not only well trained as a traditional PA, but she is an experienced Wellness Coach. She has a lifetime passion for total health and fitness, and is a nationally certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. She has completed extensive training in unlocking the information that is provided by this genetic test.

The cost of the testing is not covered by medical insurance or Medicare plans. The cost for testing 55 genes includes a detailed counseling session with Kristin. There are other more expensive tests available in some clinics that do not give the same focused information that you can apply immediately to solving a chronic health problem.

Additionally Kristin is available for coaching and consults in the areas we all need help with — nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices that allow you and your family to live your best life!

I honestly believe the money spent on the testing will in the long run lead to spending much less on medications, supplements or other treatments that will not work for your genetic profile. Plus of course, wellness means less trips to the doctor and less sick time.

More information on the testing can be found at

Wishing you good health,

Tom Stark, MD