A Healthy Smile is a Beautiful Smile

By Brad Meyer

In this day and age, there’s no reason to put up with teeth that are dull, dingy, chipped and crooked ? not when the solution is so convenient and so affordable.

Achieving a big, beautiful smile is one good reason to go to the dentist twice a year ? but there are a lot of other reasons to check in for regular checkups. Advances in technology are making a big difference in the way dentists examine, treat and care for our teeth. Diagnostic capabilities are more exact, treatment is easier and less stressful, and pain is virtually eliminated.

“Regular checkups twice a year are a good way to catch minor issues before they become major problems,” said Dr. James Wallingford, founder of Wallingford Dentistry in Montgomery. “Early detection of a problem gives us more treatment options and helps avoid major expenses for repairs or restoration of your teeth.”

Technological advances have vastly improved the way dentistry works in the modern era. Wallingford Dentistry features the latest state-of-the-art technology to evaluate, diagnose and treat issues associated with the oral cavity. Traditional, two-dimensional x-ray technology has been replaced by the Sirona XG 3-D, a modern cone beam x-ray that provides an extremely accurate visualization of the oral cavity that can be reviewed from multiple angles.

“It’s an amazing piece of technology,” said Wallingford. “Paired with the Cerec, our in-house crown and dental appliance machine, we get more accurate, better fitting appliances and can get better aligned placement. It makes a big difference ? and by creating the appliance in-house instead of sending it off to a lab, it’s faster and more convenient.”

As a full service dental practice, Wallingford Dentistry offers treatment for the whole family, from toddlers to seniors ? treating a wide range of standard dental issues associated with every stage of life.

Wallingford Dentistry also offers guided implant surgery, a revolutionary process for creating and placing dental implants in exactly the right location. In an earlier era, molds that were messy and uncomfortable had to be taken and the measurements shipped to a lab in Germany to get a specific implant created.

“With this new technology, we can minimize discomfort, reduce turnaround time and shorten surgery,” said Dr. Wallingford. “We can also take digital impressions, eliminating the gooey mess you usually have taking dental impressions. We can get you back to looking your best much quicker.”

That’s important because having a bright, healthy smile is an important part of an individual’s self confidence. Concern about crooked or discolored teeth can be a hindrance in business as well as social situations.

Wallingford Dentistry not only creates full and partial dentures, bridges and appliances, but the practice provides cosmetic treatments to assure a brighter smile ? via teeth whitening, veneers and other techniques.

“Teeth whitening continues to be popular for a wide range of patients,” said Dr. Wallingford. “A bright beautiful smile is important at just about every stage of life. We can also help problem areas with veneers that can make a dramatic improvement in one’s appearance.”

Braces, once most commonly provided to teens, are now common for adults. Advances in technology have created a variety of affordable solutions that can transform unruly teeth into a winning smile – and many are virtually undetectable.

“The goal for our team of dental professionals is to offer our patients a one-stop-shop approach to dentistry,” said Wallingford. “We can provide just about all of the services most families need.”

The first step in good oral hygiene is home care, said Wallingford. Regular brushing and flossing is important, especially for children who can develop good habits at an early age that will pay dividends as they get older. Regular exams are important as well, because they help identify small problems before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

“But if you experience discomfort or have an injury to one of your teeth, it’s best to make an appointment at your earliest convenience,” said Dr. Wallingford. “We can minimize the pain and get you looking and feeling your best.”

With more than 15 years of experience, Wallingford is an expert in dental care – from standard check-ups and cosmetic procedures to complex restorative solutions and all your dental needs. For information on Wallingford Dentistry, visit www.jwdds.com or call 936-597-4333.