A Heritage of Quality Construction

By: Brad Meyer

When you grow up in the construction business, you understand that your reputation for honesty and integrity is every bit as important as your experience and expertise in building.

Perhaps that’s why a growing number of Montgomery County residents considering a custom home turn to S. Gentry Custom Homes for professional assistance in transforming their ideas for a dream home into a domestic reality.

“Whether you know exactly what you want or are still figuring out what questions to ask, we can help,” said company founder Scott Gentry. “We have been assisting people build the home of their dreams with quality construction for more than 20 years.”

A native of Conroe, Scott grew up helping his father, builder Jim Gentry, on a wide range of construction projects throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding area since the age of 14. Then, twenty years ago, he started his own construction company focusing on custom building. Along the way, Scott and his wife Rachel, who helps with interior design and construction logistics, learned not only how to build homes, but also the importance of building trust with clients.

“Building a custom home is a very personal experience,” said Scott. “It can be exciting, but it can be emotionally and financially draining if you choose the wrong builder.”

Most builders offer a limited set of predesigned house plans that allow for minimal changes. A custom home, by definition, allows the homeowner to have a far greater say in the size, scope and configuration of the final construction. A custom home allows the owner to create a unique floor plan and layout that fits the particular wants and needs of the family that will occupy it.

In recent years, a lot of emphasis has been put on the “hub” of the house: the kitchen, dining and living room areas where families spend the most time. Formal dining rooms, once a standard for new construction, are largely a thing of the past. For some, building a space that is ADA compliant is important.

“We’re also seeing a lot of interest in secondary living spaces to accommodate aging parents who have special needs or to allow homeowners to remain in their own homes longer,” noted Scott. “Some folks add additional space to accommodate adult children or their families that are returning to the nest. The beauty of a custom home is that you can have it designed and built to handle your specific situation.”

When considering a custom homebuilder, it is important to do your homework, Scott said. While price per square foot is obviously important, it’s equally important to check the references and history of prospective builders, as well as to consider all of the factors that are not included in the construction estimate.

“We encourage people to tour our recently completed projects, to talk to the people we have built custom homes for and check out online references,” said Scott. “I take a very close, personal approach to every project. When there is a question or a concern, you don’t have to wade through layers of supervisors and middle managers; you deal with me so there is no confusion.”

Recognizing what the construction bid actually includes and what it does not is also highly important. Land and plan costs, permits, engineering and allowances for finishes and appliances can make cost comparisons between builders difficult ? if not impossible.

“Price per square foot is not the best way to compare builders because the builder might restrict what type of appliances are included or what your countertops are made of ? forcing you to pay endless upgrades for the level of quality you ultimately want,” said Scott.

Trust, quality and value are hallmarks of S. Gentry Custom Homes. The company has built more than 200 quality custom homes in the past two decades, along with dozens of commercial and renovation projects ? like adding outdoor kitchens, backyard entertainment areas, standby generators, pools, spas and other very personal spaces.

“It’s important to have a good relationship with your builder because you are going to be working very closely over a four- to six-month period while your home is being designed and constructed,” said Scott. “We have a favorable reputation and a long list of satisfied clients because we actually listen and work with our clients. It makes a world of difference.”

S. Gentry Custom Homes is a leader in residential and commercial construction, remodeling and specialty projects. For information, visit www.SGentryCustomHomes.com or call 936-890-1313.