It Doesn’t Matter How They Find You as Long as They Do

Can we find you? Can your customers find you? How strong is your social media presence?

You have a website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Once in a while, you remember your LinkedIn account. Is that it? Oh yeah, you have a Google+ account, a Google business account, and you’re on Google Maps. Did you forget something? What about your BBB, Yelp, Houzz, and other review sites?

It doesn’t matter how they find your business online, as long as they can. Don’t rule out exploring social media platforms you are not familiar with and retaining a professional to manage them. Hiring a pro to monitor and create your business online presence and personality will ensure that your searchability and branding are consistent. Your online inquiries outside of your website and your Google updates should be a priority to your business.

People are talking about you online and not only do you need to know about it, but you should also be communicating with them promptly. Get in on the action! You could lose a customer to a competitor if you don’t reply fast. Don’t give them time to shop elsewhere! Customers that can communicate with a real person on the spot are more apt to retain your business.

Don’t be fooled by most dashboards and “pay per click” social media services. If your online customers are not dealing with a human, they will know. Do you want a robot to greet your customers as they walk in the door? Maybe if you’re a robot company. Most people prefer to deal with humans. You can’t replace human interaction and personalization.

What social media platforms best suit your business? Let’s say a shopper goes online to Google your company name or industry in general. Your website may show up in the search results but will your Facebook page show up in the results as well? In today’s day in age, almost everyone is on social media. They know your website could show them what they’re looking for, but a good percentage of people want to read what others are saying about your business. Chances are your website is not interactive with conversation. They will click on your Facebook page before they visit your website to read what other people are writing about you. They want to read about personal experiences with your company and how you reply to comments and questions. How you control and manage your Facebook page and reviews helps to retain their interest. Having engaging posts and social, human interaction draws them into researching you further.

More important than Facebook is your Google business page. Your Google account should be managed and handled with care, just as you are doing with your Facebook page.

Remember, your Google business page also contains a map to your location with driving directions, contact information, and reviews. Don’t overlook your Google account. Google analytics is important to track your online traffic and can be used to set future goals. The photos and advertisements you upload frequently can attract shoppers even more so than on Facebook.

If you would like help with your online exposure, allowing for your customers and online followers to feel more connected to your business and stay up to date with your products and services, we are here to help. We offer online reputation management which includes everything we have mentioned in this article in reference to social media platforms, review sites, and other online reputation management services. We provide our clients with the highest level of excellence. For a list of services offered through Dock Line Magazine including web design and SEO, visit us at to learn more.

Another essential tip is maintaining consistent branding. Everything you do should have your logo attached or associated with it. It may seem obvious why, but even a subtle logo or watermark on the bottom of a business Facebook image helps your future customers remember you subliminally. When they’re ready to shop, be the first company on their mind. Every correspondence you have with customers should also contain your logo along with your phone numbers and links to not just your website, but to your social media platforms as well.

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