Life Saving Accomplishments

by Kathy Joslyn



Found as newborns with no Mama, ASVT Board member Hilarie Rogers, to the rescue…AGAIN! These pups were 2 days old when they were tragically separated from their mama. Using their instincts to survive, they somehow crawled their way out from under a metal container fighting fire ant bites, infected sores and starvation. Hilarie scooped them up and off she went to clean, bottle feed, and get medical attention. These 3 puppies are a true example of “hands on rescue mission”. Thank you Hilarie for your dedication to these beautiful puppies.


Soft Kitty” “Uhura” and “Spock” ready for you.

ASVT is putting focus on Community animals in need before they reach the shelter and placing them into ASVT foster homes so they can be adopted. ASVT pays for medical, spay/neuter, vaccines & microchip. ASVT funds transporting of some animals to other states with high adoption rates. Because of over population of unwanted animals, when the shelters are full animals will be euthanized…. ASVT also helps these animals.

Here are a few for you to choose from in our foster program that will make a wonderful addition(s) to a family who is ready to be smothered with love and appreciation.

”Palamono aka Polly” was skin and bones & ASVT gave her a second chance for life…. She is now “well rounded” and full of love! Great with kids!

Pup “Sully” male lab mix 4 months old. Easy going personality and playful!

”Ricky” 8 weeks old, chiweenie/rat terrier mix! What a delightful combination. Will be a small bundle of love.

Big boy “Lucas” is super playful, housetrained and ready for you. Lucas was hit by a car and left at the shelter to be euthanized. ASVT funded his surgery and he is good as new!

Handsome Jasper! He is a gentle soul. Jasper is on heartworm treatment and ready for a home. Housetrained, great with other dogs and cats. Jasper was on “the list” because of space.

”Tink” weighs 10 lbs. and LOVES kids!

Handsome Charlie was in need of medical help when his collar grew into his skin and had to be surgically removed. He is in a loving foster home and ready for adoption! Wouldn’t Tink and Charlie make a great pair!! Already spayed and neutered of course!!

Wait! What about a threesome!!! “Meet Biscuit”!

We need Fosters to save these precious animals!

A typical foster “happy ending”. The Parker Family fostered pup Walker, who arrived skin and bones. They nurtured him back to health and at the 4th of July Adoption event Walker found his forever loving family! Thank you Parker Family!!!

It can be an emotional roller coaster, but it is a “good” emotion when you know you are helping a wonderful animal in need. Don’t forget the Seniors!

Sweet “Sally”, her face says it all.

Please contact us today if you can foster, volunteer to help the animals or organize fundraising! We need this to continue our mission. See all the animals available for adoption, fill out applications for fostering & volunteering or donate by using PayPal or send a check to:

Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas (ASVT) P.O. Box 476, Montgomery, TX 77356

ASVT has been saving lives of community animals in need for 10 years. No one is paid a salary – all the money goes to help the animals. We count on the contributions from the community to “HELP US HELP THEM” and we thank you for your support.

Special Thanks to Weisner Automotive, Ransom’s Steakhouse in Montgomery, Conroe Empire Electric, Seller Real Estate, Gil & Kay Bazan, Milstead Glass & Home Furnishings, M2 The Agency, and always, thanks to Animal Hospital of Montgomery & Dock Line Magazine!

Remember last months’ sad face? Well look at him today!

New additions to the ASVT rescue list –

Pancake – a lone female kitty found on the highway.

Rescued “Petunia and newborns”.

A reminder to help us get the word out to SPAY & NEUTER!!

We can help! We have resources for low cost surgeries! Contact us!

ASVT Volunteers Destiny & Kenny supporting ASVT and our quest to stop animal abuse by promoting the Peace Walk for the tortured dog, “Liberty”. The sickening torture to this beautiful dog happened right here in our community.

“ASVT has contributed $1,000 towards an award up to $5,000 for the arrest of the person responsible for the horrific abuse of Liberty. If you have any information please contact Montgomery County Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-392-STOP”.

This cruelty in our community must stop. We stand for the animals but it is proven that this abuse can escalate and be acted out on children if it is not stopped now!

Support us to help fight Animal Cruelty.

Please help us! Support ASVT!!Foster, Adopt!! We need you!!

They don’t call me “Sweet Pete” for nothing…even though I am one eyed, I am special and I am keeping my eye on the door for you to come and adopt me!!! 8 months young and a world of fun!