Water World

Magnolia Ponds transforms your boring backyard into a nature-friendly oasis

By Brad Meyer

If the thought of spending time beside a babbling brook or enjoying the sensuous sound of a natural waterfall is appealing, just think what it would be like to have both just a few steps outside your back door.

For home or business owners looking for professional expertise in designing, installing or repairing a water feature, Magnolia Ponds is the solution. Since 1982, founder Max Taylor has been taking the art and science of pond and waterfall building to a new level.

“I came from a background of pool building, so I had a lot of experience in working with water features,” said Taylor. “I found I had a knack for ponds, waterfalls and streams that had a rustic, natural appearance, so I began specializing in the design and building of custom water features.”

It’s no secret water features are a popular addition to homes and businesses ? providing a visual focal point and relaxing sounds to the environment. Custom backyard ponds, waterfalls and streams aren’t just the envy of the neighborhood; they add value to the property.

“Much of our business comes from friends and neighbors who are impressed by a recent job we completed,” said Taylor. “It’s hard not to be impressed by the difference a well planned and executed installation makes in your yard.”

Taylor’s years of experience makes the process look easy, but anyone who has attempted building a pond knows the task is a lot harder and more complex than it looks. Keeping it functional and visually appealing for more than a few days is even harder.

“A lot of folks think buying a pond kit is a good way to save money ? until they discover the end result looks nothing like they expected,” said Taylor. “The kits are often inexpensive because they may use inferior materials, undersized pumps and hardware that simply won’t hold up.”

Every project by Magnolia Ponds begins with an evaluation of the physical site of the proposed water feature and a meeting between Max Taylor and the client.

“We look at the site and talk about what the client wants,” said Taylor. “I often make suggestions based on my experience, but the first thing I do is listen.”

That’s because every project is different. The lay of the land, the degree of slope in the yard, the surrounding trees, the potential of animal traffic and the selection of rocks and landscaping materials are all factors in creating a successful project. And if a Koi pond is part of the project, it’s important that the design provides an environment in which the fish can thrive for the foreseeable future ? and not perish within days or weeks.

A number of general contractors and landscapers offer water features as a sideline, often using subcontractors to handle the job. The problem is they don’t have the experience or the expertise to do the job properly. Within a short time, often within days, leaks, equipment failures and other problems become apparent.

“We never use subcontractors and I am personally involved in every project we do,” said Taylor. “Some companies try to do everything; we focus on doing one thing better than anyone else. A great water feature not only adds value to the property; it’s a great addition to one’s lifestyle.”

Montgomery resident Ken Bill echoes that sentiment, praising Magnolia Ponds for the job they did in creating an impressive waterfall, stream and Koi pond feature in his back yard.

“I was very impressed with the water feature Magnolia Ponds built for my neighbor,” he said. “So we contacted them about designing something for our yard. From start to finish, they were very professional and great to work with.”

Bill reports that friends and neighbors have been impressed by the unique addition to his back yard.

“We spend a lot more time in our backyard now,” said Bill. “Looking at the Koi pond and listening to the water are very relaxing. Sitting out back with a good book and some wine is a great alternative to sitting inside watching television.”

In addition to staying current with modern technology, Max is also called upon to teach seminars about the design and care of modern water features to other pond professionals. Sample displays of their work are on display at the Woodlands Wholesale Nursery, located at 4598 FM 1488 in Conroe.

And while water features are the company’s primary focus, they also handle related additions like stone patios, landscaping, outdoor lighting and other backyard additions. Magnolia Ponds’ website features a significant amount of information ? including basic pricing information and photos of past projects.

“The website is a good place to get started because it answers a lot of questions and shows what is possible,” said Taylor. “But there are no cookie cutter approaches to what we do. Every job is custom made to suit the environment and create what the client is looking for. Working together is the best way to get the best results.”

For more information on services provided by Magnolia Ponds, visit www.MagnoliaPonds.com or call 281-686-1264.