Lose Weight and Have A “Healthy Figure”

How many times have you tried to lose weight without lasting results? It’s difficult to get the right combination of foods that are nutritious, tasty, and readily available for our busy lives that most of us lead daily. Life just gets too much of a hassle not to mention frustrating!

Barbara VanRheen is a client of Healthy Figures, Houston, a franchise owned by Theresa Grider, located in Spring. Her sister started the program after seeing the ad in Dock Line Magazine. Barbara tried many programs over the years, and seeing the results from her sister, it made her a believer. After 6 months on the Healthy Figures program, Barbara has lost 81 pounds!

“I was weighing 213 pounds when I started the program. I lost weight down to a size 4 by drinking water, eating and selecting food by reading the labels, avoiding sugar, and eating protein for snacks between meals to keep my metabolism up”, said Barbara.

The franchise was developed in 2007 by a woman who was married to a weight loss surgeon and had a sister that couldn’t lose weight as a breast cancer patient. She patented the fat burning pills that attack belly fat. Also have a fat blocker that attacks stored fat and tightens loose skin, after weight is shed. The diet plan emphasizes eating REAL food from the grocery store supplemented by products that provide a natural energy boost to the metabolism and reduce food cravings. The plan works to adapt your way of eating to make healthy choices without counting points or calories.

Healthy Figures is a medically supervised weight loss program with individual supportive counseling and attention given weekly. No group meetings, contracts, mandatory classes, or obligations to purchase supplemental packaged food. Program participants receive safe, specialized injections and supplements that enhance their metabolism and diminish food cravings.

First time clients make appointments so Theresa can spend sufficient time without distractions learning about the person and understanding their habits and lifestyle. A full medical analysis with a blood panel, blood pressure, weight, EKG, and medical history is done by qualified staff to ensure each client receives a specific meal plan to achieve their optimum health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle for life is the primary objective with every client. Theresa stays in contact with each person because she believes the personal relationships helps lose the weight permanently.

“All clients have my phone number and are encouraged to text or call me any time of day to stay with the program. If I don’t hear from them, I call them! When they weigh themselves- I get a text, when out in restaurants or the grocery store-I get texts. I encourage it!”

There are 2 plans available or individuals can opt to a combination of both nutritional plans. The first option is an all-natural holistic approach with designated amino acids to curb the appetite. The second option is an appetite suppressant designed to emphasize on stress related weight gain from sugar cravings and water weight. A B-12 injection may be added as a fat burner or a B-6 injection to eliminate sugar cravings. The injections are performed in the office weekly and Theresa suggests adding supplements and vitamins to more effectively achieve weight loss goals. Only high protein foods are eaten in the first 3 days, vegetables introduced on day 4, and fruits added to diet in week 3. A gallon of water a day must be consumed to break down fat and flush out carbohydrates to lose weight.

“The first three days on a new diet plan are the toughest,” said Grider. “The cravings are definitely hard, but if you can get past this initial hurdle, you are on the path to achieving your goal.”

After the initial visit clients may come anytime for their weekly check in without an appointment. It is important to check in weekly for the motivational one-one support from Theresa and develop camaraderie with other clients that stop by. Each week Theresa and her staff serve tastings from a Healthy Figures recipe book to allow clients to taste different ways to prepare meals. This book is available free to all clients.

Key guidelines will contribute to successful weight loss. Breakfast is mandatory and must be eaten soon after rising. It is important to feed your metabolism every 2 ½ hours with protein to ward off hunger cravings that could lead to carb or sugar loading. Theresa keeps a shelf of food items for display on a shelf to show clients what foods to purchase at grocery store to ward off cravings and eat nutritionally. There are packaged items for sale in her office such as hot chocolate, protein shakes, and protein crisps, but clients are never required to purchase the items. It is only for the convenience of having them available for quick protein snacks.

“The one-one consultation is the most effective to achieving real weight loss goals,” said Grider. “We help you learn about real life nutrition so you can shop more efficiently at the grocery store or eat healthy at virtually any restaurant.”

Theresa has clients that come in from Corpus Christi, Cleveland, Florida, and even the East Coast. “When you eat well without the extra carbs and sugar you will sleep better, feel better, and you may lose a lot of pains you felt in the past. Your entire attitude will be more positive and good things will start to happen! This is the real deal. It is about caring relationships and a caring attitude.”

Stacie Fontenot started Healthy Figures January 15, 2019. She was referred by a friend that lost a lot of weight and Stacey wanted to do something safe to lose weight. Stacie had thyroid cancer and wanted to lose weight naturally but was having a difficult time as a busy realtor. She has lost 30.75 inches in 6 months!

“I feel great! I have lost 2 sizes and eat well. I like to carry protein meals from Theresa in my bag instead of stopping to eat fast food. I did splurge with something my son made me to eat on Mother’s Day, but I got right back on it. I text Theresa every day with my before breakfast weight. She always replies!”

According to Theresa, it is absolutely okay to eat a little cake for a celebration or a special occasion. God has blessed you and you should engage. Just get back on it!

Shannon Wright tried multiple ways to lose weight and was told by medical professionals to “just live with it”. “This is one of the easiest plans and most forgiving when I fall off the diet. Theresa is very easy to work with and knows life happens. It works for those of us over 50 years old and everyone else as well. I lost 30 unwanted pounds”, said Shannon. “Thank you, Healthy Figures for believing in me and the support you give everyone on this program”.

Connect with Healthy Figures-Houston by calling Theresa at (281) 298-2559 for an appointment for your first visit. The office is open Wednesday through Saturday. Learn more about Healthy Figures-Houston by visiting their website at www.HealthyFiguresHouston.com