Our Rods are Buzzing

7-17-17 Our Rods are Buzzing

It’s Monday afternoon and Trey just got back from his vacation. It was definitely time for us to go fishing together. We started out by going to one of our favorite fishing spots. Trey caught two 3-pound bass. We left there and graphed a spot and didn’t catch anything. The rain was coming right at us, it was thick and heavy. We decided we need to hurry, take cover and bunker down. Walden Marina was the closest place so we went there and waited for about 30 minutes for the storm to blow over. It quit raining so we headed over to one of our best spots to try to catch the Big One. We pulled up and made a few casts. We thought the storm had blown over, but we noticed when we were casting the tips of our rods were BUZZING. They BUZZED more when we held them higher in the air. When I turned and looked at Trey his hair was standing up. There was so much static electricity in the air. It ran down my rod and shocked me in the toe. That was pretty scary. We quickly put the rods down in the boat for a few minutes we had never experienced anything like this before. After a few minutes we went back to fishing and slowly the buzzing went away. We had no luck at first, then finally I set the hook into a BIG ONE. We weighed her and she was 7.76 pounds. We took her picture and let her go. We were trying to leave and go home when Trey turned the key to start the boat. When he started to crank it, it sounded like it was turning over so he let off and it didn’t turn on and the motor made a weird sound. He went to crank it again and the starter was spinning. It did not sound good. We were stranded on the lake. We tried taking it apart but there was no way we would be able to fix it. We saw Clint going across the cove next to us so we called him on the phone and he towed us all the way back home. After we took it to the repair shop we found out that the power head had to be replaced. This is what happens when you are caught in an electric field. This happened to me one other time on Toledo Bend. When this happens you put the rod down and get off the lake as fast as you can.

7-31-17 Picking up the Legend Boat

It’s Sunday morning and we are driving all the way up to Midway, Arkansas to pick up our new Legend. We will be driving all day today making only a few stops to fill up with gas and to eat some lunch and dinner. Tomorrow we have an appointment to go to the Legend Boat Factory to pick up our new boat and to take a tour of the factory.

Today is Monday and it’s an exciting day for all of us, but especially for Grant and I. I have been without a boat since December and have been waiting for this day for a long time. It is finally here and we are so excited. When we arrived at Legend we had to put on safety goggles or sunglasses to go into the factory for the tour. When we walked in the factory our new boat was sitting in the front. Grant picked out all the colors and we both designed the layout to include everything we needed to make this the best fishing boat ever. My eyes were filled with joy as soon as I saw it. It was amazing. Grant and I were thrilled. We were blessed and thankful that we were able to get this amazing boat. It is a silver, black and charcoal and has midnight blue pin striping. We love it and cannot wait to go out in the lake, but first we are going to go on a tour to see how the boats are actually made.

It is a very big process to make a boat; from beginning to end it takes approximately 6 weeks to custom build one boat. At Legend each one is hand crafted to your custom specifications. The first step is forming the boat in a mold. Next they tape the pin stripes and tape off each section of color. This is all done by hand and is very detailed. Then it goes to gel coat and color followed by fiberglass and lamination. Next is a two-part foam process and then it is removed from the mold. Upon removal there are rough edges so they grind and sand to smooth out the rough spots, then they cut out the openings. The next step is called Rough Finish, which consists of putting in the electrical system, storages boxes and lighting. When that is complete is goes to the step called Pinned, this is where the hull and deck are joined together. Then it is time for inspection, this is where they look for any flaws and fix them. After the inspection they install the carpet. Next is the Final Finish which includes installing the engine box, plumbing, electrical, and bow rigging. The console electronics and wiring completes the process of building a boat. They were actually building Gary Yamamoto a new boat. Trey just bought his old boat last month. The tour was very interesting but I was ready to get the boat in the water and see how it drives.

We left the factory with an awesome boat on the trailer. Bull Shoals Lake was nearby so that is where we decided to go to take our first ride in our new Legend. I backed the boat down the steep ramp and Grant got in the boat and drove it off the trailer. It was a beautiful sunny day as our new boat was christened with crystal clear blue water. The flecks of multi colors in the paint shimmered and sparkled like stars when the sun hit the deck. My dad was the first one to drive the boat. We all went for a ride in the new boat, wow it was a smooth. The bluffs surrounded the lake and the water was smooth as glass. There was a slight breeze as the boat glided across the water. Grant drove the boat next, he as amazed at how great it felt. I could not wait, I was the next one to drive and I knew it would be amazing! My mom just sat back and enjoyed watching us. We could not believe that this was our new bass boat. It is something that every fisherman dreams of.

We dropped off my dad at the dock and we started fishing. The water was 90 feet deep at the first stop where we were fishing around the bluffs. This lake reminds me of fishing at Lake Travis in Austin with clear water and rocky bluffs. I was fishing with a drop shot and set the hook on a large mouth bass. I got him up to the boat and he jumped off. The water is so clear we can see the fish chasing our bait. In the middle of the lake it was 243 feet deep. We left there and decided to go to Norfolk Lake next. We were looking for a boat ramp to launch the boat and went to several ramps that were closed due to flooding and timber was blocking the ramps. We finally found one nearby. There was timber all over the banks’ edge. The water level was up over 20 feet. My dad backed us down the steep hill into the water to launch the boat. My mom, Grant and I decided to try our luck fishing under the bridge and around the edge of the banks. All I wanted to do was catch a small mouth bass and that would make me happy. We kept getting bites by small fish and then I caught a spotted bass on a drop shot. Grant caught a blue gill. We just laughed. Believe me these were small fish, like the ones we caught when we were young. In the end Grant caught another blue gill and I finally caught a small mouth. We had fun but cannot wait to get home and catch the BIG ONES. I am sure they have some big ones here, but we do not have time to learn the lake before we have to get back home.

Fishing in the New Legend on Lake Conroe

It’s Wednesday and it’s the first day for me to take the new boat out on Lake Conroe. Mason and I are going fishing early in the morning right at sunrise. We caught 7-8 fish and at then I was fishing a brush pile with a drop shot and I hooked a big bass weighing 7.09 pounds. Together Mason and I caught 19 pounds of fish for the day.

It’s Thursday and Trey and I are fishing in the new boat together. Trey caught the first small one and then he felt something big on his line and set the hook. He noticed a bass boat coming our way and kept his rod down in the water. As soon as he did that I had one. We did not want the other boat to see our honey hole so I reeled my line in fast to get the hook tight instead of setting the hook. After the boat left we both doubled up and reeled in our catch. Trey and I caught over 22 pounds of fish today.

I was glad I had a chance to fish a few days on the new boat. My brother, Grant took it with him to fish the tournament for A&M. He will be fishing in the Bassmaster National Championship College Series on Lake Bemidji in Minnesota. THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN, FISH ON!!!