Seeing Well & Looking Good

Eye Trends truly is a site for sore eyes & the latest in fashion forward eyewear

By Brad Meyer

Of all the senses, vision is arguably the most important in terms of dealing with the world around us ? so it makes sense to protect, maintain and even enhance our ability to see clearly. And it never hurts to enjoy a stylish appearance and look your best while you are seeing your best.

Whether you’re headed back to school or overdue for that annual eye exam, now is the time to visit your eyecare professional to see what you’ve been missing.Since 1990, Eye Trends has earned a reputation and a following for quality vision care and a wide selection of eyewear and accessories ? from the basics to the latest in designer frames for men and women. But in addition to helping their clients look good, they first make sure their patients can see well.

“We’re primary care physicians that focus on vision,” said Dr. Douglas Inns, co-founder of Eye Trends in Conroe. “Eyesight is a precious thing and our job is to help people enhance their ability to see. It’s a commitment we take seriously.”

That’s important because aging, accidents or disease can threaten how well one sees. It’s why the American Optometric Association recommend annual checkups even when things seem fine ? and an immediate trip to see an eyecare specialist when there’s a problem.

Early detection of visual anomalies is particularly important for children who may not know or be able to articulate problems or deficiencies they are experiencing, according to Dr. Inns. Poor vision can result in a wide range of problems in the classroom and disrupt the learning process. But eye issues can be problematic at any age.

“We see a lot of eye infections, remove foreign bodies, treat glaucoma and handle a wide range of eye injuries,” said Dr. Inns. “Disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes and other health problems often leave signs or indicators that can be detected in a standard eye examination using our state-of-the-art medical technology.”

For example, millions of people suffer from dry eye disease ? a condition whose symptoms include blurry vision, redness, burning, itching and light sensitivity among others. Many people ignore the discomfort thinking it is a condition they must learn to live with.

“There are a number of possible causes that can reduce or block the production of tears and the fluids that lubricate the surface of the eye,” said Dr. Inns. “It’s estimated that 75 percent of adults over 65 years of age suffer some form of dry eye effect.”

And in the majority of individuals suffering from this condition, relief is available. Advances in ocular medicine offer relief. Prescription medicines and artificial tears can help relieve the symptoms, but specialized treatment, such as Punctual Plugs that conserve natural hydration, can offer longterm relief. An eye exam is the best way to determine an effective course of treatment for individual symptoms.

“Eye care is not a one time event,” said Dr. Inns. “Regular exams will help keep your vision the best it can be throughout your life. It’s important to recognize minor changes before they become problems.”

And for those who could use a little help to improve their vision, Eye Trends is the place for quality lenses, frames, contacts and specialty glasses at affordable prices. Variety in choices is one reason Eye Trends is the complete vision care center for so many in Montgomery County.

“Standard and multifocal contact lenses are very popular,” observed Dr. Inns. “Over 40 percent of patients opt for daily, disposable contacts. They are safe, affordable and don’t require the expense or hassle of specialty solutions and containers. The potential risk of a bacterial infection common in long term lenses is avoided with daily disposable contact lenses.”

For traditional eyeglass wearers, Eye Trends offers a huge selection of all the top styles from namebrand designers like Fendi, Tom Ford, Gucci and many more. With thousands of different styles, from mild to wild, Eye Trends creates glasses that are both functional and good looking. Eye Trends also offers its own line of standard frames that are cost efficient and not available at other vision care facilities.

Prescription sunglasses are increasingly popular with Texans, according to office manager Monica Ogilvie. Polarized lenses can help reduce glare and discomfort while making vision sharper and clearer for those driving or engaging in outdoor activities.

“We have a wide range of standard and designer sunglass options, including clipons,” she said. “We’ve doubled the number of styles from Oakley, Ray Ban Costa, Maui Jim and other designers so you can get the look you want.”

Whatever your situation, whatever your needs, Eye Trends is the place to take care of your vision. Eye Trends accepts Medicare and Medicaid as well as most major insurance. Even if your insurance doesn’t have a specific coverage for vision, there’s a good chance it includes a comprehensive eye exam each year.

“Your vision is vitally important to your quality of life,” said Dr. Inns. “We’re here to help you see and look your best.”

Eye Trends is located at 1329 W. Davis in Conroe. For information, visit or call (936) 441-3939.