Tell me and I forget

By: Michelle Lela Simpson, Public Relations Specialist

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

  • Benjamin Franklin

Since 1989, the Education for Tomorrow Alliance (EfTA) has focused on its mission to “cultivate education and community partnerships that advance student success.” This nonprofit organization was created as part of a Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce project. The EfTA is dedicated to connecting the commercial and education communities in and around Montgomery County, Texas. This task is accomplished through innovative programs focused on science, technology, and career planning.

The Student Internship Program (SIP) is one of the innovative programs that EfTA facilitates. SIP is designed to give twelfth grade high school students the invaluable opportunity to explore occupational interests outside of the classroom. The Intern dedicates two weeks out of their last free summer to participate in a hands-on learning experience in their desired career field.

The San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) was honored to be asked to serve as a host company during the 2017 SIP. As noted on our Careers page at, SJRA proudly recruits and employs resourceful and talented individuals. It is that same kind of individual, someone who would voluntarily give up their last free summer to participate in the SIP, that SJRA is looking for.

A few short weeks ago, our EfTA intern came to us from The Woodlands High School. He shadowed SJRA employees at each operational division (GRP, Highlands, Lake Conroe, and Woodlands) as well as our support division (G&A). The intern toured all SJRA facilities and experienced what our employees are responsible for in order to accomplish our mission of developing, conserving, and protecting the water resources of the San Jacinto River Basin.

Upon arrival, the intern stated that he was trying to choose between Civil or Computer Engineering as a college major and/or career path. After having the opportunity to work with several engineers and experience hands on training, he had a much better idea of what path to take moving forward. He stated that it was a very meaningful experience for him and that it made a huge difference in his decision to follow a Computer Engineering degree where he could possibly get involved in SCADA systems.

This is a program that SJRA looks forward to participating in each year with EfTA.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

  • Benjamin Franklin

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