Want to look younger? Focus on your hearing health

Hearing loss is often one of the last things aging adults address—yet it’s one of the main reasons they begin to experience more frequent falls, depression, and other chronic health issues.

A survey released by Sirvantos, Inc., manufacturer of Siemens hearing aids, revealed that over 50 percent of seniors admit to having some degree of hearing loss—yet only one in six choose to wear hearing aids.

Additionally, the survey showed that seniors with hearing loss are three times as likely to have cosmetic procedures than they are to seek treatment for their hearing loss (which tied for last place with a colonoscopy as the least likely health check).

As Hearing Care Professionals, all we can say is, yikes! Most people wait far too long to take care of their hearing. But finding hearing care prioritized under non-essential procedures like cosmetic surgery is a little heart-breaking, even for us.

What makes this extra perplexing isn’t just that hearing well is so essential to your overall health. On top of keeping people connected to the activities and people they love, research has shown treating hearing loss reduces the risk of a host of health problems.

But beyond that, we find it hard to think of a single thing that can revitalize a person’s life — and yes, make them appear more youthful — than treating hearing loss.

Dealing with even mild hearing loss can slowly exhaust you no matter your age. But for older adults, these daily trials can make you feel like the harsh stereotype of a senior: forgetful and unable to keep up with the pace.

Doctor examining patients ear in doctors office

The trouble is, most hearing loss occurs so gradually, individuals can become habituated to its effects until friends or family bring it up. Unsurprisingly, research shows people are aware of the frustrations related to hearing loss when dealing with others, however they were more likely to deny its impact on their own lives.

The truth is, today’s hearing aids are so discreet, they tend to go entirely unnoticed. As one of our Hearing Care Professionals put it, “People really don’t notice hearing aids. What they do notice is when you’re not following along with the conversation.”

And it’s true. People notice the spark in your eye when you’re fully in the moment. They notice confidence, energy, and great communication. Quality hearing technology can help put a spring in your step that you and others will notice right away. And unlike cosmetic surgery, trying out hearing instruments is non-invasive, easy and free.

Even if you don’t suspect a hearing loss, getting an annual hearing evaluation should be on your agenda after age 55. And with 4 convenient locations to choose from in the Houston area, Connect Hearing is a great place to start, offering free hearing evaluations, nationally-recognized customer service and affordable products for all budgets. Contact us at (281) 671-9626 or visit ConnectHearing.com today to schedule your FREE evaluation, and discover a world of better hearing today.

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