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Building for a Life-Spann

From building forts in your room as a kid to watching your child take their first step, some of life’s most memorable moments happen inside your home. It’s a

place that should create and support a lifetime of memories, which is why one local construction company is using their lifespan of experience to build a lifetime of memories.

Allspann Construction Services is a residential and commercial builder and remodeler, serving Montgomery and surrounding counties. Owners, Tom Spann and Daphney Skelton, who’ve worked in the construction business their entire life, opened Allspann in 2010 to offer a service that customers could trust and rely on.

“We do the best job possible and build relationships on old timey trust. We pride ourselves on being a company that customers can trust and rely on,” said Daphney, who started working for a national home building manufacture when she was 28 years old and worked her way up, eventually overseeing remodels of her own.

While Allspann’s name is only eight years old, it’s foundation was poured more than 80 years ago by Tom’s father, RD Spann, who owned Spann Roofing Company and taught Tom from a very young age the importance of quality work.

“Growing up, I really loved working on people’s roofs because I felt like I was giving back by doing a professional job,” Tom said, remembering back to summers on the roof with his dad. “I was trained by the best and most honorable man in the industry.”

It was during those years working with his dad that Tom learned the ins and outs of the construction business, gaining hands-on experience in various aspects of the industry. It was also during this time that he realized there was a need for someone who specialized in various types of remodeling and who was experienced enough to oversee a project from start to finish. So, in 1980, after his dad retired, Tom expanded the business and opened Spann Construction, using the knowledge he had gained to build on his father’s foundation.

“Having the knowledge and experience that I do, I have the benefit of knowing which brands to use, who the experts are and the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve each customer’s goals in the most practical, functional and aesthetic way,” Tom explained, adding that his knowledge is what helps him provide the same level of professional service that his father did.

In 2010, Tom and Daphney combined their expertise to further build on the

Spann foundation, encompassing his hands-on experience and her background in construction sales to create an all-inclusive company to better serve customers.

“Being in the business for as long as we have and knowing all of the aspects of Construction has allowed us to provide our customers with the insight and knowledge that they might not have gotten otherwise,” Daphney said with pride.

Whether it’s a small kitchen remodel or new home construction, Allspann provides services from start to finish, no matter the job size or level of difficulty. They even take care of all of the tedious details that come with rebuilding a home or business after an accident or natural disaster.

“Our mission is to ensure our customers are always happy and satisfied by doing a great job at a fair price,” Daphney proclaimed. “We’re in this business because we love working with homeowners and using our knowledge to help them build a home that will last a lifetime.”

To ensure their work will last customers a lifetime, Tom and Daphney hire sub-contractors that have the same level of experience and core values as they do. In fact, they have been working with many of the same sub-contractors for years, while some of them Tom himself has actually trained.

“When you have experience, you know what experience looks like,” Tom said. “A lot of contractors depend on their subs to know exactly what to do and when they don’t, mistakes are made and go uncorrected because no one caught them.”

Their expectations are no different when it comes to the material they use for each project, offering all major brands and the best in industry standards. Every brand and product they use is specifically chosen for its quality, efficiency and durability. While Allspann strives to achieve the goals of each customer, they also provide knowledgeable suggestions that can save customers thousands while still achieving the same look. For example, vinyl siding and trim creates a vapor barrier that helps with insulation, or fiber cement siding, which cost less than wood and is pest, water and damage resistant. In addition, they also provide architectural and design services that customers can customize to their liking.

“At the end of the day we are here to make our customers happy so, whatever it is that they need or want, we will do our very best to make it happen. After all, it’s because of them that we’re able to do what makes us happy and that’s to build,” Tom said gratefully.

“We treat every homeowner like they are family, because they truly are,” Daphney doted, adding that every customer has their personal cell phone numbers and can give them a call anytime. “As a result of that, we are who they call when they need another job done.”

Whether it’s the home you grew up in or the one you plan on spending the rest of your life in, Allspann Construction Services has the experience needed to build a solid foundation that can support a lifetime of memories.

If you’re interested in scheduling a free estimate or would like to learn more about all of the services Allspann has to offer, give them a call at (281)685-5251. Testimonials and project pictures are available upon request. All major credit cards are accepted and financing is available through a local bank.