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If there is one thing Texans, in particular Houstonians, have proved this past year, it’s that no matter the size of the storm, we know how to dance in the rain. While Hurricane Harvey destroyed more than 12,000 homes and 27,500 jobs, the Texas spirit and economy are stronger than ever. In fact, more people from across the nation are moving to the Houston area than ever before, as the job and real estate market are continue to grow. Luckily for new comers and natives alike, Texas is big enough for the two of us and offers real estate of every shape and size. However, when it comes to the Houston area’s wide range of properties, there are only a handful of real estate agents that have the experience to sell them all. Fortunately, one of them is right here in the Houston area and knows the right steps to sell or buy a piece of the lone star state.

Creighton Realty Partners Realtor and Brokers Associate, Tamarah Courtright Curtis, has been selling residential and commercial real estate in the Houston area since 2006. Her listings include everything from waterfront properties to new construction homes, with anything and everything in between.

“The Houston area is not only culturally diverse, but it’s geographically diverse as well and as a real estate agent, it’s important that you’re familiar with each area and know what to look for,” explained Tamarah, who has been named one of the top five realtors in the Houston region by The Houston Business Journal for the past four years. “You have residential and commercial properties in the city, farm and ranch, in suburbs and each property may come with its own set of restrictions based on its location.”

In the wake of Harvey, many of the residential properties that were damaged by floodwaters are now going back on the market after being remolded and while they may be ok to live in, Tamarah says there are things you need to know before moving in.

“Even though a lot of the homes that flooded were not in a flood plain, many of them now require you to have flood insurance,” Tamarah said, adding that no matter where you’re buying, you should always invest in a seasoned inspector to look over the property before you buy it. “It’s also important to know that it is state law that the buyer discloses if the house was flooded or not.”

While Tamarah has gained extensive knowledge on residential and commercial properties throughout her career, her knowledge on farm, ranch and acreage properties goes back to her childhood.

“Because I was raised outdoors on a small farm, acreage real estate is something I’m really familiar with,” Tamarah explained.

“It’s because of my general knowledge of the outdoors and the area, that I know what to look for and what information to provide to the buyers and sellers.”c

With more and more people moving to Texas, Tamarah says the need and want for large amounts of land are increasing too, “From big developers to weekend farmers and ranchers who just want something for relaxation, more and more people want to get out of the city and onto their own piece of land.”

Her knowledge of the outdoors and large acreage properties, has allowed her to take over the local farm and ranch market. Last year alone, she had more than $27 million in sales. In addition to her knowledge, she also has a team of experienced real estate professionals that have lived in the Montgomery County area for a combined 50 plus years.

“It’s all about who you know and the contacts you have. If a buyer is looking for something that’s not listed on the market, I am able to call those home owners that are willing to sell some of their property or a portion of their property,” Tamarah explained.

As with any area, there is only so much dirt to sell, but thankfully for Montgomery County and northern surrounding areas, like Huntsville and Madisonville, there are still piece of land left and at a much lower rate as compared to other parts of the United States. Deals that Tamarah and her team are prepared to work around the clock on. Ensuring that every newcomer or native, gets a chance to experience the lone star state.

Tamarah and her team work around the clock to offer their expertise and knowledge to every buyer and seller in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. You can contact Tamarah at her office at 844-936-SOLD or on her cell-phone at 832-876-7097. You can also e-mail her at or visit her website,