D-Tex Services

By Brad Meyer

When hiring a contractor, it’s important to know they have the experience and expertise to do the job right — and even more important to make sure they are honest and operate their business with integrity.

For a growing number of home and business owners in and around Montgomery County, Dtex Services & Construction is the solution to residential and commercial construction and remodeling. In less than three years, the company has earned a reputation — and a following — for excellent craftsmanship, fair pricing and exceptional customer service.

“We want to bring the best experience possible to every customer we have an opportunity to work with,” said co-owner Richard Starnes. “Our mission is simple: we want to give clients the best possible finished product at a reasonable cost.”

In addition to Richard, the company is owned and managed by partners Chris Drepaul and Granger Snodgrass. The trio has years of job-related construction experience working in the oil & gas industry, mechanical engineering and other building trades.

“Years ago we would get together and do weekend projects for friends and relatives,” said Chris. “Once people saw what we could do, we started getting a lot more requests for work from the friends and neighbors who had their own projects they wanted done.”

Initially, the Dtex trio focused mostly on fencing projects, because they were relatively simple and could often be completed in just a few days. The team then began offering a wider range of services, including patio covers, decks, outdoor kitchens, custom fire pits and other additions to make existing homes more versatile and functional.

“Eventually, we had more business than we could handle on weekends,” said Richard. “So we decided to create a full time, full service design, construction and remodeling company to serve the community.”

Chris, who earned a construction management degree from Sam Houston State University, helps coordinate services and subcontractor support for Dtex projects. He is joined by Richard and Granger in onsite supervision of all projects.

“We work closely with clients to make sure all of their questions are answered and that we have the right design, the right materials and the ability to accomplish the client’s goals,” said Richard.

In addition to outdoor extras, like decks and fences, Dtex also handles room additions, enclosed patios and other construction.

“Everybody has some sort of project or addition they’d like to add to their house or place of business,” observed Granger. “We offer free estimates and sophisticated 3-D modeling to make sure we have the right design to accomplish those goals.”

When Hurricane Harvey tore through Montgomery County recently, the calls for help came quickly. Clients who had previously worked with Dtex referred friends and family that had been affected by flooding to the company.

“Flooding and water damage is particularly challenging because the work has to get started immediately or you can get even greater problems with mold,” said Richard. “We got very busy, very quick.”

And while Dtex handles a wide range of projects throughout Montgomery County and the surrounding area, a growing number of clients are homeowners around Lake Conroe. It seems folks who are heavily invested in premium properties want to protect their investment by taking care of regular maintenance items, as well as add functional perks that make their house more of a home.

“Outdoor kitchens, fire pits and man caves are very popular additions that don’t need to cost that much, but add a lot of flexibility and enjoyment to a home,” said Granger. “Outdoor entertaining and showing off the new addition is popular for a lot of folks.”

Adding an outdoor cooking or entertainment area isn’t necessarily hard, but experience is critical in its design and execution, says Chris. Most traditional appliances, televisions and audio equipment are not designed for the heat and humidity of a Texas summer and will fail much quicker if exposed to the elements.

“We’ve been building structural additions for several years,” he said. “We know what works and what doesn’t.”

Dtex Services & Construction provides free project estimates and offers a full one year warranty on all work performed. For information, visit www.DTexServicesinc.com or call 832-465-9062.