Efficient Climate Control

Get Cool, Stay Cool

The smart way to cool the rooms you want, when you want – and save money

By Brad Meyer

It’s summertime in Texas and the living is far from easy. It’s hot, humid and muggy outside.

Inside? Well, that depends on your home’s air conditioning system. Unless your system was recently installed, you’re likely spending time – and money – cooling the entire house all day and all night, whether you are utilizing the entire space or not.

The latest advances in home heating and air conditioning offer an innovative approach to keeping your home comfortable all year round, targeting cooling relief to specific areas of your house, much like the way you turn lights on and off in the rooms you are utilizing.

“With newer systems, we can create zones within the home and cool only the rooms that need air conditioning during various parts of the day or night,” said Paul Stamper, owner of Efficient Climate Control. “With variable speed units, we can achieve significantly better efficiency with a quieter level of sound – and that means real savings in utility costs.”

That’s because most AC systems are either on, operating at 100 percent to cool your home to a specified temperature, or off. But efficient air conditioning isn’t solely about cooling; it’s about reducing humidity. Variable speed technology allows the system to operate more effectively and efficiently to maintain a comfortable level of temperature and humidity.

“The newer systems also offer digital capabilities that integrate into a home management system,” said Stamper. “You can control the temperature in your home via WiFi on your smart phone or a computer from the office, across town or anywhere in the world.”

New technology also allows homeowners to have wireless control over lights, security cameras and door locks throughout the house with easy-to-use computer and tablet apps. Special monitoring capabilities will also notify Efficient Climate Control staffers if there is a potential problem with the system.

“There’s a good chance we’ll know about a potential problem before the homeowner does,” said Stamper. “The system can notify us if there is a maintenance issue.”

Staying on the cutting edge of technology is nothing new for Stamper and Efficient Climate Control. Since 1980, Efficient Climate Control has been a leading air conditioning service company in north Houston and Montgomery County, providing quality service for repairs and installation of all types of air conditioning.

“A lot of air conditioning companies try to make money by selling a homeowner a new system, whether they need one or not,” said Stamper. “Many times a system can be fixed with a routine service call or by replacing a relatively inexpensive part.”

The problem, of course, is most homeowners don’t have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose their air conditioning system. That’s why dealing with an honest and reliable service provider is important. Some of the big AC companies in Montgomery County are aggressive in pushing new systems. Before accepting a service technician’s recommendation for a new heating and cooling system, Stamper suggests getting a second opinion from another company.

The biggest problem with many systems is poorly designed and installed air ducts which provide insufficient return air capacity or develop leaks. They are not only inefficient, they can lead to higher utility bills because homeowners are heating and cooling their attics as well as their homes. Stamper estimates 95 percent of homes have return systems that are too small and 75 percent of systems are improperly charged.

“And because there are no inspections required in The Woodlands area, there is no guarantee your new system is running as efficiently as possible,” said Stamper. “There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution; every situation is different.”

When evaluating an air conditioning concern, Stamper conducts a review of the property before making a recommendation. The size of the structure, ducting, windows and personal preferences are key factors in recommending a system. His experienced crews also check out the existing system to make sure it’s working properly.

“We’ve had people call wanting a new system and found the problem is a lack of Freon in the system,” said Stamper. “And just because you need a new AC system doesn’t mean you need a new furnace for heat ? that can be a savings of $3,000 or more right there.”

It’s a good idea to have your system checked out twice a year by professionals – right before the high heat of summer and the cold weather in winter – said Stamper. Efficient Climate Control offers maintenance contracts to ensure your heating and cooling system is operating properly.

Getting a quote over the phone, without an experienced technician reviewing the property, is simply guesswork, said Stamper – and probably wrong. Every house and every situation is different, requiring a review and assessment of the situation. Stamper and his crew have experience getting into hot, tight spaces to diagnose and fix a problem.

It’s equally important to work with professionals that have the training and expertise to handle your needs. Efficient Climate Control is the only provider in The Woodlands area certified by North American Technician Excellence, and is recognized as a Customer Care Dealer by American Standard, a leader in AC technology – ensuring their technicians undergo continuing education to stay up to date on new technology. Efficient Climate Control offers free estimates on equipment replacements and system upgrades for commercial and residential projects, big or small.

In addition to designing, installing and servicing AC systems, Stamper is also a motorcycle enthusiast, racing old school Yamaha bikes on the road race Circuit of America in Austin. It’s fair to say he knows about working with technology to achieve superior performance.

“The only thing some people know about air conditioning is that it works well or it doesn’t,” said Stamper. “We have the training, experience and expertise to make sure you get the most cost efficient system possible.”

For information on Efficient Climate Control, visit www.efficientclimatecontrol.com or call 281-367-5267.