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With the Holidays just around the corner, you may be looking for a gift that everyone will enjoy for years to come. A new master bath, kitchen, windows or doors are all great ideas that do just that!

Since the flood, our area has been inundated with contractors of varying degrees of competence. At Modern Home Renovation, we are back to business as usual. We have the resources and level of professionalism needed to take on most any project you may wish to consider. If you are looking for a better local contractor, the difference lies in the following:

Planning, design and execution are keys to any home improvement project. Many of our repeat customers are engineers, business leaders, and other detail-oriented professionals who have come to expect a level of engineering akin to craftsmanship of old. Modern Home Renovation has researched and refined our proposal, planning, design, material selection, and building processes to achieve not only a beautiful finish but a durable product across our entire product line. From windows & doors to kitchens & baths to major home additions, the research has paid dividends. Here is how we have evolved into the premier remodeling company in the Greater Humble area serving Humble, Kingwood, Huffman, New Caney and Atascocita since 2007.

First, we have learned thorough years of experience what works and what doesn’t. We stand behind our projects during difficult situations. Over time, we have discovered that employing experienced personnel in key positions produces a better result than expecting one person to master and execute multiple disciplines in a timely manner.

Professional consultants should listen to what the homeowner wants to accomplish, discuss better building practices for the desired work and set realistic expectations -then create a detailed scope of work with generous allowances. Your proposal should include a scope of work that walks the reader through the planning and building process in order of completion. Planning, management, design, drawings, permits, demolition, trash, foundation, framing, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing(MEP), millwork, painting, countertops, tile, flooring and final clean are basic sections anyone considering a remodeling project should insist on. The level of detail included in each section should also be easily understandable and complete.

After all, the scope of work as written in the proposal becomes the basis of the contract to which both parties can hold one another accountable. Many homeowners have chosen a contractor based on bottom line price only to realize later the actual cost was higher than the company they really wanted in the first place. This is primarily due to scope creep and low selection allowances. The bottom line: If it’s in the contract it’s included; if not, it’s excluded and may result in a change order thereby increasing your final price.

Most projects require a space planner, a professional who creates drawings and renderings showing the new look and detailed measurements of everything from knocking down walls and redesigning a living area to cabinet elevations from which the millwork carpenter builds. A good space planner listens to the homeowner’s vision and can offer a level of creativity the owner may not have imagined. How you use your space is important, especially in a kitchen. Are you a baker, a sous chef, or do you rarely cook at all? Which accessories (i.e. slots for baking pans, lazy-Susan, corner drawers, pull out shelves, spice rack, etc.) are right for the way you organize and use your kitchen. Where should a bank of drawers replace a door drawer combination? How deep should the usable space in a drawer be (what’s to be stored inside?) A professional space planner will ask the right questions, so you’re pleased with the result – both beauty and function.

Similarly, your designer should offer suggestions and options beyond what you may have listed in the initial meeting. This is called vision. Recently, our space planner and interior designers working as a team, changed a section of standard wall cabinets in the original design to a double row of 2” thick stained open shelves between standard painted wall cabinets with the backsplash going to the ceiling. For a very small increase in price, the owners now have the WOW factor they didn’t know to ask for! Of course, it helps that we have a 4,000 Sf showroom where clients can relax and view top brands as well as meet with their design team to go through options.

Project management and trades are where the rubber meets the road. Our process includes a dedicated project manager and many of our trades are in-house. A great working relationship with your project manager (PM) is important. How can a consultant mange your project and expectations if he or she is across town consulting with a prospective client? Our consultants consult while our PMs manage projects and communicate with clients throughout the building process. Because remodeling is seldom a completely painless process, bumps and delays should be expected. It’s how we work through these challenges together that sets us apart. There is no substitute for being there and seeing the evolution first hand. Proactive management means anticipating common mistakes and identifying problems early on, so they can be corrected before growing into a larger issue. Consider hiring a local professional company which has less windshield time to get to your home. Our consultants make every effort to offer our high level of quality at a fair price – a value you can trust.

Key in-house trades are another reason for our success. Most remodeling companies hire subcontractors for all their work. I can’t tell you how many times our in-house trades, especially our master plumbers, either helped keep us on schedule or saved the day. We control our in-house employee’s schedules whereas a subcontract may have other priorities. Therefore, we can be more responsive during critical process work like MEP and/or respond quickly to an emergency such as a leak, even at night. At Modern Home, we employ a demo crew, three master plumbers, as well as crews for painting, drywall, millwork (cabinets, etc.), tile & flooring work. These crews drive a company truck or van appropriate to the type of work proudly displaying our logo and number.

Of course, we use subcontractors. In fact, we have a deep bench of professional subs, many of which derive 50 – 100% of their annual compensation from Modern Home and have been with us for years. Their quality has consistently met or exceeded our high standards, or they would not be on the team. Prior to each trade starting their work, our PMs hold a detailed project walk describing the work to be done and ensuring any required drawings are on site for the task at hand. Then, spot check QAs are performed as work progresses. Dedicated PMs can visit each project multiple times a day to ensure mistakes are caught early, inspect quality of workmanship and communicate with the customer.

All our employees attend continuing education on site and at the office. These product knowledge (PK) meetings help ensure we are offering the latest materials, most durable substrates and best building practices. Our vendor reps from many companies such as Ferguson, Kohler, Thermador, Emser, Dal, Interceramic, Carol’s Lighting, Sunrise Windows, ProVia Doors, Marvin Windows and Doors, and many others come to our showroom to update displays and educate our team on the most sought-after finished surfaces as well as substrates – the glue that holds everything together. Just a few examples of substrate materials are thin set, medium bed mortar, grout, glue and moisture barrier. Companies like Mapei, TEC, Laticrete and DriTac, and NovaFlex research and develop better products for installation of windows, doors, tile and wood which are stronger, longer lasting, more mold & mildew resistant and better color coordinated than more inexpensive, older alternatives. Without high quality substrates, the most beautiful finishes do not stand up over time. Ask you consultant which substrates are being speced out in your project and what makes them a better choice. A professional should either already know or be able to get an answer to you quickly.

Do we make mistakes? Yes. However, at Modern Home Renovation, we always take the high road by standing up to our responsibilities. Our three-year labor warranty and the fact that we service all manufacturer’s warranties (when we both provide and install the product) exceeds most builder/remodeler warranties. Employing a better process with dedicated professionals for each discipline ensures a more seamless, durable and beautifully finish. Add to that, our proactive approach coupled with a willingness to correct any scope of work items not up to our high standards and you have a level of trust like no other company.

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