Healthy Figures

By Brad Meyer

It’s the time of year when folks fighting the “battle of the bulge” often send up the white flag and surrender to their cravings ? assuming weight gain and a loss of energy are an inevitable part of aging.

That’s because losing weight is really hard. Fad diets and quick fixes may help shed a few pounds initially, but temptation lurks around every supermarket shelf. That’s why most people who achieve success at dropping weight do so with an organized plan that addresses physical, mental and emotional components.

For people who are serious about losing weight, Healthy Figures-Houston has a scientifically based, medically supervised approach to real weight loss.

“People don’t become obese overnight, so it’s unrealistic to think you can reverse the process overnight,” said weight loss specialist Theresa Grider, owner of Healthy Figures-Houston. “The key is adopting a healthy lifestyle, committing to a medically supervised program with plenty of personal support to encourage you every step of the way.”

Indeed, Healthy Figures-Houston is like no other weight loss facility area residents will ever go to. The clinic features a medically supervised program involving education, vitamins and supplements and a highly personalized support system to effect permanent change.

“There are no magic pills or miracle working machines that can help you achieve permanent weight loss,” said Grider. “Simply put, it requires a genuine desire to be healthier and changes in lifestyle.”

The program begins with a medical exam and evaluation, including an EKG, blood work and health panels. Program participants receive safe, specialized injections and supplements that enhance their metabolism and diminish food cravings.

“We spend a lot of time with new participants discussing the best way to get started,” said Grider. “Our program provides a lot of detail on what foods are essential and what foods are problematic.”

Education is a key component of the Healthy Figures approach. Clients learn simple lessons about food and how the body processes it. Reducing and eliminating certain foods ? like sugars and carbs ? is a good start, but learning which foods work in combination to support a higher metabolism to burn fat naturally is important as well.

“The first three days on a legitimate diet plan are the toughest,” acknowledged Grider. “There are cravings that will tempt you to cheat, but if you can get past this initial hurdle, you are on the path to achieving your goal.”

The problem with most weight loss programs is they are a cash-grab, focusing on securing as much money as possible up front. Big name companies want to sell customers special foods or inconvenient group meetings. And many of the folks who spend big money on surgical procedures find there are health risks involved.

“At Healthy Figures, we provide one-on-one instruction for your particular situation,” said Grider. “We help you learn about real life nutrition so you can shop more efficiently at the grocery store or eat healthy at virtually any restaurant.”

Grider knows how effective the program is because she started as a client. When her weight ballooned to nearly 300 pounds, her cardiologist told her she was going to die if she didn’t get serious about her health. Having worked in the medical industry for 21 years, she knew she had to listen to her doctors, but wasn’t sure how or where to begin.

“I’ve been on every diet and taken every pill on the market ? and a few that aren’t on the market publically,” acknowledged Grider. “Getting on the Healthy Figures program made me feel better, both physically and emotionally. After being on the plan for four months, I was able to get off all blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and I no longer take nitro for chest pains. This diet literally saved my life.”

But the facet of the Healthy Figures program that gets the most feedback from clients is the support and encouragement they receive from Grider and her medical and administrative team.

“People tell us how good they feel on our program and how much they appreciate our personalized approach to helping them achieve their goals,” she said. “Many people who have lost weight have also gotten off blood pressure, cholesterol and other medications.”

That’s why the Healthy Figures approach is based on real food instead of self denial. Participants have weekly sessions to assess their status, monitor their progress and fine tune their personalized program. Many people get additional motivation by starting the program with a friend or family member, said Grider. For those taking the first step alone, the Healthy Figures staff offers personal involvement.

“Motivation and support are given parts of the program,” said Grider. “We get to know participants on a personal basis. Everyone has my personal phone numbers and contact information. I’m available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

The results are impressive. Everyone who has joined Healthy Figures has lost weight in the first week, said Grider. Those that are motivated and committed to stay with the program will see significant changes in their physical appearance. The company has also been named “Best Weight Loss facility in Conroe” three years in a row.

“We are not a normal weight loss clinic and we don’t push fad diet products,” said Grider. “I’ve worked in medical research for many years, but this program is the most rewarding for me because we are literally helping people reclaim their lives. I have a passion for what I do and I love sharing it with our clients ? who very quickly become my friends.”

For information on how Healthy Figures can benefit your weight loss goals, visit or call 281-419-7222.