Lakeside Floors To Go

By Fabian Sandler

Home owners continue to struggle with putting their homes, and lives, back together again, eight months after Hurricane Harvey ravaged the area.

Lakeside Floors To Go owners Kenny and Colleen Hoyt have been very busy in helping their customers reestablish normalcy.

“We’ve been doing complete houses with all of this flood work, and people seem to be extremely happy with us. We’re the ones who always show up when we were supposed to,” Kenny says.

He is right. “I had Lakeside Floors To Go put in countertops and floors,” attests John McDavid of Kingwood. His home had three feet of water from Hurricane Harvey. “My wife and I remodeled about fifty percent of our home before it flooded. We were so happy with their remodel that we contacted them right after the flood and had them scheduled to come back to redo the entire house this time. We picked out the quartz countertops at their direction. They have a crew that put the quartz countertops in the house and then the hardwood floors. I could not have been any happier with their work. In fact, I was so happy with it that I referred eight other homeowners to them, all of whom utilized them after they saw the beauty of the work that they did at my house.

“I think they are the quintessential company to handle the scope of products that they offer homeowners,” John adds. “I would give them an A-triple-plus rating. They’re poised, they listen to what the customer wants. They’re very professional, they’re very kind. They offer great suggestions, but it’s ultimately up to the customer and they will do what the customer wants, and they’re great at what they do.”

Great customer service is paramount in how Kenny and Colleen have molded their day-to-day operation. “We talk to our customers to find out what their needs are, what their lifestyle is,” Kenny says. It all goes back to the quality of materials Lakeside Floors To Go offers, the superior setting materials they use, as well as the quality of the workmanship of their installers who make sure their tasks are performed to the highest level possible. “There are so many factors, and we try to use premium grade materials as well.

“We joined a buying group and it’s given us more buying power,” Kenny elaborates. “Our buying group is three hundred and fifty stores strong.” Kenny is referring to the Floors To Go group. That sort of buying power allows Lakeside Floors lower pricing points and better warranties. Kenny adds that they’ll pass on the savings to their customers every time a vendor offers special prices.

The Hoyts attended the annual Floors to Go convention in February. “We’ve got some new carpet lines and a couple of new wood lines coming on,” Kenny explains. “We go to these conventions yearly to make sure we’re up to date with current trends and new products.”

There are many options when a customer is looking at new flooring or carpets.

The new trend in flooring is vinyl plank. Kenny explains that with manufacturers constantly introducing new styles and colors vinyl plank looks more like wood than ever. “LVP, or Luxury Vinyl Plank, or LVT — Luxury Vinyl Tile — continues to take market share over carpet and other hard surface products,” Kenny states.

“COREtec was the original developer of one that has a rigid core,” Kenny continues. “The rigid core is a waterproof product which has been a big hit because of the flood. A lot of people are going with that because it’s waterproof.”

Another growing trend is for longer wood-looking tile. “The wood-looking tile has been out, but is making a major move,” Kenny attests. “They’re coming out with a longer board, at eight inches wide by four feet long, and in stone-looking tile, the twelve by twenty-four continue to be very popular. The longer wood-looking tile could be eight inches by sixty inches, or twelve inches by sixty inches.”

Kenny says that DuPont developed a softer carpet several years ago, but are continually making it even softer by using more fiber strands, which makes it even more resilient and stronger. “All the Sorona smart strands have warranties against pet stains for the lifetime of the carpet,” the owner states.

Carpets are still popular for bedrooms. “Cut/Uncut carpets, which are a combination of a cut pile and a loop pile together create patterns.”

Oil rubbed wood floors are gaining in popularity as well. “It has a different look,” Kenny says. “It’s more of a natural look instead of having a urethane on it that puts a little gloss to it, this is more of a natural finish wood floor.”

Once a customer chooses the type of flooring he or she wants, it is time to bring in the expert installers.

“Our installers specialize in the [product] they install,” states Colleen. “That’s all they install. They don’t install carpet, tile and wood. We want the one that can do that one particular thing very well, not somebody that can do all of it okay. In my opinion, that means a lot.”

Kenny adds, “A couple of the installers have keys to our store, keys to the warehouse. They’re good guys and that’s important. It’s not like a big store where you don’t know who’s going to install your flooring.” If Kenny and Colleen trust their installers with the keys to their premises, the customer can certainly trust them to perform their duties in a professional manner.

“Customer service and educating the consumer is still a huge part of our forte. We get so much repeat and referral business. I had three measures on the same street, two houses next to each other and one house directly across the street from them,” Kenny says.

Flooring, of course, is not the only product line that Lakeside Floors offers. “We also fabricate and install granite. Our fabricator is very meticulous and, like all our other installers, takes pride in his work. He is truly a craftsman,” Colleen asserts.

“We seem to be doing a lot of quartz countertops now,” Kenny emphasizes. “It’s a real popular look, like a marble-type look, but in quartz. Quartz is a manmade product that is non-porous, so it’s more sanitary than granite, with maybe a little less maintenance because you don’t have to seal it. The one that we sell the most is called Vicostone.”

Colleen mentions that other people in the trade, such as the glass people who go out to measure for shower glass after Lakeside Floors To Go has installed the tile shower, have complimented them on the quality of the work done. “They have actually referred us,” Colleen adds.

“We get compliments on our LVT guys, wood guys, and granite guys. We’re lucky to have the installers that we have,” Kenny says. “We don’t have a lot of call-back issues.”

Lakeside Floors To Go has been rated with the Better Business Bureau. “The last time I checked,” Kenny says assuredly, “there were zero complaints or arbitrations. We’ve had several customers add us to Angie’s List and we maintain an excellent rating with them, as well.”

A feature on the website will allow customers to upload pictures of their furnished rooms to see how the rooms would look with different flooring that Lakeside Floors offers. Check with Kenny or Colleen for details.

The store’s website is quite well laid out and informative. “That’s one of the reasons I joined Floors To Go,” Kenny beams. “Their marketing is great.” Go check out the website at Check out the “Why Choose Us” tab for other testimonials. Their address is 11335 FM 1960 E, Suite 100, Huffman, Texas. Hours of operation are Mondays, 10 am to 4 pm, Tuesdays to Fridays, 10 am to 6 pm, and Saturdays, 9 am to 1 pm. The phone number is 281-324-9032. Extended financing is available through Credit Connect.

Lakeside Floors To Go offers a 60 days, no questions asked warranty on their premium carpet products. That exhibits confidence in their premium products. Of course, check with Kenny or Colleen for specific details.

Kenny and Colleen are in the process of building a new location on 1960, just down the road from their present location. “The showroom will be larger, with an attached warehouse to showcase more variety and increase customer service,” Kenny attests. The new building will be around four thousand five hundred square feet, increasing their present size by two-and-a-half times. Kenny and Colleen expect to open sometime toward the end of the year.

As with many neighborhoods, Hurricane Harvey hit Walden on Lake Houston. “I had thirty-eight inches in my house,” Rick Gary states. “Lakeside Floors was wonderful. They replaced my wood floors, a little bit of tile and my granite countertops and backsplashes.” Rick says he used Lakeside Floors To Go about three years ago, when he had a wood floor installed in his bedroom. “They are very professional and did a great job. I’d absolutely use them again, and I recommend them to anyone that asks me, and have to several friends and friends of friends. I highly recommend them. Colleen and Kenny are real easy to work with and have very reasonable rates.”

When asked why a customer would pick Lakeside Floors To Go over another company, Kenny responds, “Our hands-on approach and customer service. We do what we say we’re going to do. I’d say we outshine all of the competition in that aspect.”