Lone Star Cowboy Church

By Brad Meyer

The future is bright for a Montgomery ministry celebrating 18 years of providing the community with traditional Christian teachings, family values and western heritage.

The Lone Star Cowboy Church has made a strong connection with the faithful of Montgomery County and beyond ? attracting more than 2,500 people to weekly services and offering spiritual guidance to many more via online streaming on the Internet.

“We have a very simple approach,” said LSCC founder and co-lead Pastor Randy Weaver. “Our goal is to bring honor and glory to God and His word. We don’t promote religion; we promote a relationship with God and each other.”

The church has grown dramatically in its 18 year history, providing weekly religious services as well as special ministries for children, students, men, women, seniors and other groups who have specific areas of need.

Special weekly programs provide spiritual guidance for married couples, military personnel suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome, victims recovering from sexual abuse; other ministries address personal and specific life challenges.

The 700-seat main sanctuary offers a warm, casual setting in which attendees can commune with God and each other ? complete with complimentary coffee and donuts. Pastor Weaver says LSCC is less concerned with people getting dressed up for church and more concerned about developing a relationship with Him.

“John the Baptist ministered to the common people in a casual setting,” he said. “We are more concerned with how you live, not how you dress.”

And for those unable to make the trip to LSCC for services, the church offers online access to live sermons and other materials. The Internet allows the LSCC message to be heard across the country and around the world.

“God has allowed technology to be used to spread his glory around the world,” remarked Weaver. “With the Internet, we can bring the gospel to people just about anywhere in the world.”

And with its western theme, attending services at LSCC helps make Jesus approachable and accessible ? a bit like entering God’s living room.

“The cowboy theme is popular with many people in the area, though only a small percentage are actually cowboys,” acknowledged Weaver. “The bulk of our people are Christians who appreciate the simple values and integrity associated with western heritage. We’re a loving and giving church that believes in a loving and giving God.”

In addition to traditional church services, LSCC has a variety of special western events, including youth and adult rodeo programs and bible camps in their 100,000-sq.ft. covered arena. A former Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association calf roper, steer roper and rodeo chaplain, Weaver remains active in rodeo events at LSCC. Weaver uses his past experiences to bring the gospel to people.

“All of our programs are based on teaching God’s word,” said Weaver. “There is a lesson in everything we do ? and a path to God.”

Weaver attributes LSCC’s continued spiritual success to the teaching of its core values. First, that people are God’s greatest treasure. Second, that if you honor God, God will honor you. And finally, the Church is the only hope for America ? now more than ever.

For Pastor Weaver, offering a variety of programs to help individual groups of people connect with God is important. Too often, people in large organizations tend to feel like they are lost or don’t matter, he said. It’s one reason LSCC offers a relaxed atmosphere church service every Monday evening at 7 p.m. ? featuring complimentary sweet tea and cookies.

“There are many paths,” said Weaver. “And they all lead to God.”

The message of LSCC is also available online. Church services are aired live on the LSCC’s website and are also available on-demand at www.lonestarcowboychurch.com. All materials are available free of charge.

“The online sermons are a good way to get to know the Lone Star Cowboy Church,” said Weaver. “It can be difficult to go to a new church for the first time, but watching a sermon or two will make you feel a lot more comfortable about joining us.”

The Lone Star Cowboy Church is located at 21627 Eva Street in Montgomery. For more information, visit www.lonestarcowboychurch.com or call 936-449-5749.