Shogun Japanese Grill and Sushi – A Free Show Fired Up On Grill

Hibachi chefs sizzle cuisine at table

There is nothing quite like the entertainment you receive when the hibachi is fired up at your tableside and your food is prepared in front of you among fiery controlled flames from professionally trained chefs. The pyrotechnics show is amazing to watch with the possibility of a chef throwing a raw veggie into your mouth!

Customers dining in the restaurant can choose from tableside cooking, a sushi bar with decorative rolls prepared at the table, or a more subdued, intimate area in a separate dining room with traditional seating away from the theatrics.

Hibachi dining is seating at a large table that surrounds a hot flat-top grill. Guests are seated around three sides of the table, and the chef stands on the grill side, cooking your meal in front of you. The large part of Shogun Japanese Grill and Sushi is the entertainment. The server will take your order of whichever protein you choose – filet mignon, chicken, scallops, white fish, calamari, shrimp, salmon, or lobster tail with all your side dishes. Your chef will appear at your table with knives, spatulas, all the main dishes, veggies, and rice to prepare in front of you. And the show starts with the knives flying and dishes prepared quickly and served to you.

“We use only top-quality meats, vegetables and seafood,” said owner Steven Xu. “Everything is prepped, trimmed and chopped so it is at its peak of freshness for final preparation. Customers come here to see a show, that’s part of the experience.
When you see the raw vegetables prepared in front of you close up you know it’s fresh!”

Eating healthy and wellness is still trending, and consumers do take notice of their caloric intake. Japanese Cuisine is said to be one of the healthiest in the world resulting in a higher life expectancy and very little obesity. Customers can choose from a variety of rice dishes, soups, appetizers (tuna, edamame, tempura,) over 30 varieties of rolls, salads, and specialty desserts-including Banana Split!

Customers are quoted as saying, “Clean and nice atmosphere with a range of casual to fancy dining. The cooks that grill food in front of you are hilarious and excellent at their job and the food is delicious!”

“The amount, and quality, for the price can hardly be beaten for this type of restaurant. Menu size is great, full of tepanyaki and sushi/sashimi choices, along with a great show as they cook your food that’s good for all ages. Seats 8 to a grill, so it’s a good option for small to medium groups.”

And the entertainment is ongoing for kids too! The server will mention to the chef that children are with you and chef will prepare a fun pineapple boat with cherries, a rice pilaf in the shape of Mickey Mouse, or another special just for the kids. Kids love to watch the entertainment also. Even their choice from the Children’s Menu can be prepared at the grilling table.

Do you have a special birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding rehearsal dinner, or just a large group of friends wanting a fun night out? Reserve the large room that can accommodate 70 guests or the smaller area for 40.

“We are very committed to providing an excellent dining experience for our customers,” said Xu. “The customer is always our priority for any occasion.”

Have you ever seen a sushi chef prepare seafood items to look like dragons, Santa Claus, bunnies, iPhones, turkeys, birds, or maybe a birthday cake? No lack of entertainment at Shogun Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar!

Opened Labor Day, 2004, Shogun has a reputation among locals. Seldom a wait to get in, but you can make a reservation ahead to insure prompt seating in their 6,000-foot restaurant. Lunch specials are available until 3pm come in 4 varietals-Lunch Bento Box that includes an entry, 3 pieces of California Roll, Japanese Spring Roll, and crabmeat puff; Lunch Sushi Special served with soup and sushi entrée; a Lunch Grill plate served with entrée and sides, or a combination of items for your dining pleasure.

Have time for a sake? It is authentic from Japan with so many you will have try a new one on each visit. Try a Japanese beer. The bar lists an extensive beer and wine selection with specialty cocktail drinks also.

“A lot of people are curious about Japanese beer and opt to try it with their meal,” said Xu. “If you have never tried sake before, you should definitely try it while dining here.”

Yakisoba is available with Japanese noodles, no teppan veggies or rice. Teppanyaki is grilling the vegetables in a teppan and may include bean sprouts, carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, beans, capsicum, and courgettes. No sure you like this type of cuisine? Choose items from the menu that include steak, chicken, or shrimp. Your server can always recommend items not on the menu as well. Your experience in dining is always the priority.

“People are often a little intimidated to try new foods, especially if they have never tried raw fish, but everyone loves our Shaggy Dog sushi roll with cooked shrimp and crab”, said Xu. “A Shaggy Dog roll is actually one of the healthiest items with low sodium, and under 200 calories. “Some like spicy, some not so much. You choose your flavor we want you to come back-over and over again!”

And come back they do! Steven Xu has seen repeat customers for years. They recognize them and know what they want to eat.

“Come here for the show but come back for the food!”

Learn more about Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar at The restaurant is located at 2107 W. Davis in Conroe 77304 (936) 756-6866.