Texas Star Propane

The Power of Customer Service

The United States experiences more power outages than any other developed nation, with more than 3,000 outages a year. For the past five years, Texas has ranked second in most reported outages, with more than 100 a year. With an average outage lasting more than 40 minutes, Texans can expect to be without power for a total of a week and a half every year. While the causes of outages vary, many industry professionals point to an aging infrastructure, which isn’t expected to become stable until 2030 and even then, it still might not be enough to power America’s growing population. However, a local propane company is stepping in to ensure their customers are never without, providing a powerful solution to an unpredictable infrastructure, that saves time, money and peace-of-mind.

Since opening, Texas Star Propane has gone from a small start-up company in a garage apartment, to a thriving and successful business on 7 acres in a brand-new building of their own. With five delivery trucks, two service trucks, 70,000+ gallons of storage and a team of eleven employees, they serve more 3,000 customers and counting. Their growth and success through the years is not only a result of their hard work and dedication, but their unwavering determination to stay true to Joel’s grandpa’s core value of “Keep your customers happy and make them want to come back”.

“My late grandpa Albert P. Stennett, Jr. started his own propane company in 1950 and my late Father, Carl Sopchak, continued running that company,” Joel explained, adding that his family’s company was sold shortly before opening Texas Star Propane. “They taught me a lot and I wanted to continue my grandpa and father’s legacy of offering the best customer service in the propane industry.”

With a foundation of customer service and a mission to deliver, Texas Star Propane quickly became a customer preferred, turnkey commercial and residential propane provider, serving customers throughout Montgomery and surrounding counties. In sticking to their mission, last year they expanded their operations to include a generator division, teaming up with Generac Generators to become a turnkey propane and generator provider.

“We sell, set and service all size generators, so customers don’t have to worry about going here and there to get their generator up and working. They can just call us and we’ll take care of the rest,” Josh said.

As an Elite Generac Dealer, they’re licensed, insured and certified to sell, install and services all size, diesel, natural gas and propane standby generators. In addition, they also offer Generac portable generators and power washers, as well as, standby generators from Kohler and GE. While many competitors carry the same products, Texas Star Propane offers competitive rates with no to little wait time.

“Just the other day I quoted a customer $2,100 less than the competitors,” Josh said, adding that on average they save customers between $1,500 and $2,000 on standby generators. “Not only that, but I was able to install it the next day verses the two plus week wait time given by the competitors.”

Their short wait time for quality products at an affordable price is what brings customers in, but it’s their genuine desire to ensure their customer’s happiness that keeps their business going.

“We consider our customers family and put their needs and wants at the front of every decision,” said Director of Operations for Texas Star Propane’s Generator Division, Michael Hughes, who has more than 10 years of experience in the industry “So if we have to be there late at night, early in the morning or as a hurricane is rolling in, it’s what we’ll do.”

In choosing Texas Star Propane as their propane and generator provider, customers have access to in-house and personal monitoring options; maintenance packages as low at $325 a year; 24-hour, seven days a week and 365 days out of the year emergency service, as well as, in house financing with zero money down and zero percent interest for 48 months. Not to mention, customers receive a free standard propane tank with their purchase of a standard propane generator.

“We’re proud to be able to provide convenience to our customers,” Joel said with excitement. “We can give our customers piece of mind while ensuring they have everything they need to keep their house or business running when the power goes out.”

While their mission is to provide a wide range of products and services to meet the various needs of customers, their hope is to develop long-term relationships with lifelong customers along the way.

“I don’t just do my job and then go away,” Mike explained. “I spend time with customers and stay in touch so they always know I’m there if they need me, just like family.”

“We’re not in the propane business, we’re in the customer service business,’ Josh exclaimed. “We know we can’t make everyone happy, but we’re sure going to try and we’re going to try to provide the best service in the industry.”

In addition to Mike, customers also have an entire team of experienced and licensed professionals that are always on hand to help ensure customer’s have a piece of mind.

“Being without electricity is a huge health hazard here in Texas, especially in the summer when temperatures reach 100 degrees and hurricanes can knock power out for days,” Mike expressed. “So for us as a team, it’s a big deal to make sure we are there for customers and provide quality products and services.”

Joel and Josh expressed that without the hard work of their experienced team members and the sacrifice and support from their wives, Texas Star Propane wouldn’t be what it is today: a growing, successful and prominent business. However, they also know that none of this would be possible without the support of their community, which is why they continually give back through their propane donation program and the Lone Survivor Foundation.

“No matter how successful we are or will be, we will never forget where we came from and how we got here,” Josh vowed. “We wanted to give back to a community and people who have given so much to us.”

With months of expected outages still ahead and unpredictable storms forming around every corner, now is the best time to call Texas Star Propane for a free quote and on-site evaluation. You can call or e-mail at any time or stop by their office during normal business hours for their drive through cylinder filling station for all size bottles, including RV propane refills. For more information visit their website, www.texasstarpropane.com. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

To learn more about Texas Star Propane and their charities, check out their featured article in the February 2018 issue of Dock Line’s Magnolia/Tomball Edition. Don’t have a print copy or can’t find one? Check it out online at www.docklinemagazine.com. Texas Star Propane 45664 FM 1774 Plantersville, TX 77363 (281)259-2162 info@texasstarpropane.com Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:00pm Sat: 8:00am-12:00pm www.texasstarpropane.com