Texas Timber Resources

Local mulch manufacturer opens new location, providing a greener solution to yard waste and a down to earth service that matches.

From the street it looks like your everyday mulch yard, mounds of colored materials line the property while trucks weave in and out, moving from pile to pile. However, when you take a closer look, you’ll find a team of hard working professionals dedicated to creating sustainable, organic, locally sourced material that benefits customers and the environment, proving sometimes it really is greener on the other side.

Located off of Farm to Market Road 1488 West in Magnolia is the newly owned and operated Texas Timber Resources, former home of 1488 Mulch Yard. Texas Timber took over the 16-acre operation last July, working tirelessly to bring the day-to-day business and products up to their distinct standards.

“We work hard to produce products that are sustainable, organic and consistent,” said John Dale, who is the co-owner of Texas Timber Resources. “Our customers expect a certain product and we don’t want to give them anything less.”

Texas Timber has been serving Montgomery and surrounding counties for more than 15 years through their Conroe location. Ted Lewis, who is the founder and co-owner of Texas Timber Resources, started the company to divert useful vegetative debris from landfills and recycle it back into the environment by means of mulch and compost.

“Working in the construction business, I witnessed a lot of useful material being wasted and realized there was a need and a purpose for it,” Lewis said. “Using recycled wood and yard debris allows us to recreate nature’s natural recycling system and provide a product that is sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

From semi-trucks to pick-ups, Texas Timber receives vegetation every day at their locations. The vegetation is then processed onsite and turned into a variety of organic materials, ranging from native-hardwood mulch to premium leaf compost. Their materials are 100% natural and don’t contain any animal or food waste, a characteristic that makes them particularly unique. “We take material that would’ve been burned or  buried and recycle it into beneficial products,” Dale stated. “We operate without any subsidies or tax breaks from the government. We are able to generate sales tax revenue from material that previously had zero value.”

“We’re not scientist or environmental activist, we’re just unsophisticated, hard-working folks that saw a use and a need for all-natural vegetation materials and decided to make something out of it,” Lewis said with humility. “We like to keep things simple around here and putting nature back into nature is about as simple as you can get.”

While their business model and products may be simple, they understand that their customer’s needs and the growing industry are always changing. In an effort to meet those changes, Ted’s son Jake, who has been working with his dad since he could walk, works with customers to gain insight into what they are looking for when it comes to organic landscaping material. In fact, customers can expect to find vermicomposting, which is very high-quality compost created by worms, at Texas Timber in the near future. Vermicomposting is an excellent and nutrient-rich organic fertilizer that enhances germination and plant growth. Through customer outreach and continued hard work they hope to establish a legacy that will nurture and grow their business.

With an increase in environmental awareness, as well as, commercial and residential developments throughout Montgomery County, Texas Timber is dedicated to providing the latest organic products that best serve their customer’s needs. To find out more about Texas Timber Resources stop by their new Magnolia location at 9802 FM 1488 Rd Magnolia, TX 77356 or give them a call at (281)252-4651.