The Beauty of Compassion

Plastic surgeon’s compassion enhances understanding of patient needs

Born in Louisiana of Chinese immigrants, Dr. Hilton Yee experienced compassion at a very young age.

“The Cajuns opened their arms in welcome,” said Dr. Yee, who is a board certified plastic surgeon. “Their generosity and kindness will never be forgotten.”

Growing up in a diverse community and in a household that welcomed it, compassion became the foundation of his life and the reason he chose plastic surgery.

“I wanted to help people live life to the fullest and stop them from being an introvert because of something that can be changed,” Dr. Yee explained. “There are deformities like, birth-defects, injuries from auto accidents and burns that can be improved or totally corrected.”

Now, Dr. Yee, who is a long time resident of Montgomery County, has more than 25 years of experience and has performed thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in his career. With offices in The Woodlands and Conroe, Dr. Yee approaches care like a partnership, establishing trust and understanding to safely achieve realistic results that exceed expectations. It’s through his compassion and community involvement that he’s able to better understand his patients and their needs.

“Community interaction increases our knowledge and understanding of humanity. Community involvement can open your mind to others needs and desires,” Dr. Yee explained, adding that while he and his wife support various organizations throughout Montgomery County, they focus on charities that can help animals, education and people.

It’s also through his compassion for animals that he developed a sense of awareness for other’s feelings, “When animals are in desperate conditions, you have to develop a different sense for their behavior. It’s that special awareness that helps when people are reluctant to discuss their feelings.”

Dr. Yee and his wife have three rescue dogs, one of which they rescued after Hurricane Harvey.

It’s his compassion in his personal life and in the community that helps him understand exactly what his patients want.

“We make every effort to understand a patient’s needs and expectations, focusing on communication of both sides, a clear and concise plan and preventing misleading expectations,” Dr. Yee said.

Dr. Yee and his staff are committed to providing an experience that patients won’t be able to find anywhere else.

“I want patients to leave our office with a feeling of compassion, knowledge of the procedure and recovery, realistic expectations that are obtainable and give patients more confidence.

Not only do patients get to work with a doctor who understands their wants and needs, but also knows when to draw the line. Safety is a top priority for Dr. Yee, which is why he uses cosmetic products like SAFE liposuction.

“I do not like to try the newest trending operation because it hasn’t passed the test of time,” Dr. Yee acknowledged. “Many spas practice marketing and they sell it to you whether you need it or not or whether it works or not, it’s the sell. I practice medicine; I am a doctor/plastic surgeon.”

Some of Dr. Yee’s services can be performed on an outpatient basis in his Woodlands office and could have you back to work in a week or less. However, the best way to know what treatment is best for you is to schedule a personal consultation.