The Professional’s Choice

Expert builders & savvy consumers head to Coburn Kitchen & Bath

By Brad Meyer

If you want the best selection of the latest technology to improve your home and the quality of life for those who live there, take a tip from construction professionals whose job it is to build or renovate quality residential projects.

Head to Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom in Conroe, a family owned and operated business founded in 1932 that supplies quality home appliances, fixtures and lighting to the public. The business, once a popular secret amongst building pros now offers a beautiful showroom featuring the best selection of the latest technology at competitive prices.

“We work with hundreds of major vendors to handle every need,” said showroom consultant Julie Pitts. “If you see something you like on Pinterest and can’t find it anywhere else, we can get it for you.”

Whether you’re shopping for economy or luxury, the experienced crew at Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath can help. That’s important because most people don’t know the inner workings and hidden mechanisms inside household fixtures and appliances. A shiny exterior may hide old technology or inferior parts that will wear out sooner rather than later.

“We work with a wide range of professional building contractors, so we know what works and what doesn’t. What lasts and what doesn’t,” said sales consultant Cheri Belinowski. “We have the best selection and the best quality products at the best price. It’s that simple.”

That’s important because technology has made amazing advancements in recent years. While some companies work to produce products as cheaply as possible, others have made amazing strides in offering new features and benefits.

“Motion technology is available to turn faucets on and off without touching anything,” said Belinowski. “It’s a nice feature in the kitchen when your hands are dirty and you don’t want to get grime on the handle.”

Perhaps the most far reaching example is the humble toilet, a utilitarian device that has remained basically unchanged for a century. Newer models are now available a bit taller for greater comfort and an amazing array of extra features.

“We have self-cleaning models with automatic lighting, heated seats, a pre-moistened bowl, temperature controlled wash – front and back – and a lid that raises and lowers itself automatically,” said Pitts. “They really are quite functional and unique.”

Bathtubs are a popular upgrade item as well. Colburn’s offers alcove, drop-in or freestanding units in stone, cast iron and acrylic in a wide range of styles. Many offer air massage, water jets and other luxurious extras. Showers can now be equipped with steam and heated towel bars for more personal comfort and luxury. It’s like having a spa in one’s home.

“Bluetooth technology is being incorporated into a growing number of household appliances,” said manager Todd Blavat. “This allows homeowners to monitor and make adjustments from virtually anywhere they happen to be. If there is ever a problem, there’s a good chance your appliance will let you know.”

Coburn’s is a mainstay in the Montgomery County building community with nearly 70 percent of its business coming from residential builders, renovation experts, major corporations, upscale hotels and local independent school districts. But savvy consumers are catching on as well.

“A lot more folks considering new construction or renovation projects are doing their homework and discovering they can shop where the pros do,” said Belinowski. “We have better quality as well as better prices.”

The biggest problem for consumers?

“A lot of people planning a project wait until the last minute and are forced to buy what’s on hand at the big box stores instead of getting what they really want,” observed Pitts. “You can save time, money and aggravation by shopping ahead of time. You’re going to have questions – we have the answers.”

For the best products for your home or business, go where the pros go: Coburn’s Kitchen & Bath Showroom, located at 930 S. Frazier Street in Conroe. For information, visit or call 936-760-3900.