Weisinger Materials

By Brad Meyer

When it comes to creating successful and durable residential or commercial landscaping, the key is starting with a solid foundation – better materials result in better results.

That’s why experienced pros and educated consumers bypass big box retailers and home centers in favor of professional hardscape retailer Weisinger Materials when planning gardens, paver projects, flower beds and commercial landscaping jobs.

“Early Spring is the best time to get busy with landscaping projects,” said Mike Polson of Weisinger Materials. “We offer a large selection of high quality landscaping products as well as a wide variety of landscape materials to meet all customers’ expectations.”

For nearly 30 years, Weisinger Materials has been the top choice of homeowners and landscape professionals for high quality soils, mulches, stone products, pavers, sod and hardscape materials for residential and commercial landscaping. Weisinger’s seven acre facility is located on Texas 105 between Conroe and Montgomery. In addition to being easily accessible, Weisinger’s also offers delivery services.

“We have several different types of soil available – from fill dirt to a premium garden mix,” said Polson. “The sandy loam sold by some dealers is not a particularly good growth medium. If you don’t care about the longevity of your plants and gardens, go with the cheapest soil you can find. If you want the best, we can help.”

Most dealers don’t even screen out roots and foreign objects. And sandy loam by nature is poor in nutrients. Weisinger offers a premium garden mix comprised of top soil, leaf mold compost and fine decomposed wood fiber.

This is the time of year a lot of folks are starting to think about their landscaping projects, said Polson. But with a hot Texas summer on the horizon, he recommends homeowners get going before the heat starts making projects too challenging for people and their plants.

“Don’t wait too long to get started,” said Polson. “August is not the time you want to start a big landscape project.”

Weather can impact availability of some materials, noted Polson. And the wealth of new construction in and around Montgomery County is another factor that should encourage people to plan their projects ahead of time.

“There are a lot of homes being constructed in the area,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of calls from builders and developers wanting materials to finish their residential landscaping.”

That’s one reason sod is occasionally in short supply. Weisinger Materials has a steady supply of high quality sod, but savvy homeowners are calling ahead to reserve materials for their projects.

“There could be times when local retailers are between shipments,” noted Polson. “Don’t just assume you can stop by any home center and get all the sod you want.”

The same is true for setting up home delivery. Weisinger can arrange home delivery of top quality soil, mulch, pavers and stone, but don’t call on Friday for Saturday delivery. The top hardscaping vendor in Montgomery County gets booked up for weekend deliveries.

“It’s best to shop during the week and set up delivery several days in advance to make sure we can fit your delivery into our schedule,” said Polson. “We get pretty busy this time of year.”

Pickup owners can haul their own materials. Most pickups can handle a yard of soil or two yards of mulch.

To dress up landscaping projects, Weisinger offers five colors of mulch: cedar, black, red, cherry brown and natural. Customers can choose a color that accents their home or office. And when it comes to edging materials, Weisinger has a huge selection of natural and synthetic materials.

“Our pavers are available in more colors, more shapes and higher quality than anyone in town,” said Polson. “Home centers offer a 1¾” thick product, but ours is a commercial grade that is 2 3/8″ thick for greater durability and longevity.”

For those interested in natural stone and rock, the selection of decorative materials at Weisinger is impressive. Polson has Colorado River rock, Mexican beach pebbles, crushed concrete, bull rock, decomposed granite, moss rock, flagstone and numerous other choices for just the right look.

“The biggest mistake people make with pavers is not putting down a strong base before setting the pavers in place,” said Polson. “Over time, the ground will soften and shift and the pavers will settle and become uneven. It’s a good idea to add a two to three inch layer of decomposed granite as a stabilizing base.”

For Polson, a native Texan, customer service is the key to Weisinger’s continued success. Offering superior products at competitive prices is important, but treating customers with dignity, respect and professionalism is the foundation of his business.

“We treat people the way we want to be treated,” said Polson. “It makes a difference in the long run. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us. We have the knowledge, the experience and the products – and we treat them right.”

And for those who need a little help with their landscaping projects, Weisinger can offer professional referrals when the project becomes overwhelming.

“Some projects can be a little more complicated than expected,” said Polson. “We work with a number of reliable professionals and specialty companies that can help finish or fix projects that homeowners need assistance with.”

Weisinger Materials is conveniently located at 6395 Texas 105 between Conroe and Montgomery. For information, visit www.ConroeMulchandRock.com or call 936-788-2989.