Fueling Success Through Service

By Cheyenne Simpson

Compared to alternative energy sources, propane is proven to be a more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly source of energy. In fact, many modern propane appliances achieve efficiency ratings of 95% or higher and can save homeowners and businesses thousands of dollars.

These facts are why more and more people are choosing propane to fuel their businesses and homes.

However, as the demand for Propane grows so does the need for experienced and knowledgeable dealers. Luckily for residents in Montgomery and surrounding counties, they don’t have to look very far, thanks to a local propane company that delivers years of experience with customer-focused services unlike any in the industry.

Texas Star Propane is a turnkey residential and commercial provider of propane products and services. Owners Joel Sopchak and Josh Kasprzak, who have been best friends for nearly 20 years, opened the company eight years ago. While their company is fairly new, they are backed by more than

75 years of combined customer service and propane knowledge. Joel, who is the co-owner and President of Texas Star Propane, grew up in the propane industry, working for his family’s company that started in 1950.

“My late grandpa Albert P. Stennett, Jr. started his own propane company in 1950 and my late father continued running that company,” Joel explained. “They taught me a lot and I wanted to continue my grandpa and father’s legacy of offering the best customer service in the propane industry.”

After his family’s company was sold, Joel decided to open his own business with his best friend by his side. “ I remember calling Josh and saying, ‘I’ll teach you the propane business and you teach me customer service’.” In September of 2009, Texas Star Propane was created and four months later they made their first delivery.

“We started with one truck and our office was a small garage apartment,” Josh, who is the co- owner and Vice President of Texas Star Propane, said proudly, thinking back to when it all began. “We had to forward our office phone to our cell phones so we could run the office and be out in the field at the same time.”

Since opening, Texas Star Propane has gone from a small start-up company in a garage apartment, to a thriving and successful business on 7 acres in a brand new building of their own. With five delivery trucks, two service trucks, 70,000+ gallons of storage and a team of eleven employees, they serve more 3,000 customers and counting. Their growth and success through the years is not only a result of their hard work and dedication, but their unwavering determination to stay true to Joel’s grandpa’s core value of “Keep your customers happy and make them want to come back”.

“Our slogan is, ‘We’re not in the propane business, we’re in the customer service business,’ Josh said with sincerity. “We know we can’t make everyone happy, but we’re sure going to try and we’re going to try to provide the best service in the industry.”

While their core values derive from age-old business ethics, their way of doing business comes from a new-age perspective. Texas Star Propane is one of the only propane companies to flex its rental rates to accommodate individual customers. Their rates are based off of the customer’s propane appliances and their average usage. Their rental rates flex as low as $1 per month.

“We understand customers have a choice when it comes to propane providers,” Joel explained. “Which is why we not only concentrate on selling propane, but offering services and options that fit each customer’s needs.”

Texas Star Propane offers a variety of residential and commercial products and services. From selling, leasing and installing both above ground and under ground tanks of all sizes, to refilling forklift cylinders, cages and existing tanks, customers will find that their propane needs will always be met. Customers also have the option of two refill programs, which allow them to choose between having their tank refilled automatically or when needed. With 24/7 deliveries to seven different counties, Texas Star Propane is quickly becoming the community’s preferred propane provider.

“We’re not here to just provide propane products and services, but to develop long-term relationships with lifelong customers,” Josh said, adding that not only do they want to help homeowners become more efficient, but help business owners grow their revenue as well.

In fact, to better serve their customers, they’ve just recently teamed up with Generac Generators to become a licensed dealer so they can not only provide propane for back-up generators, but provide the generator as well.

“Teaming up with Generac allowed us to offer a full turnkey service,” Josh highlighted. “We sell, set and service all size Generac generators, so customers don’t have to worry about going here and there to get their generator up and working. They can just call us and we’ll take care of the rest.”

Customers who purchase a generator through Texas Star Propane receive a free standard size propane tank, which is just one more reason why customers shouldn’t go anywhere else. With no money down and 0% financing for 48 months, they guarantee customers will save money over their competitors. Since teaming up with Generac, they’ve sold more than 50 generators and have become an Elite Dealer.

For those customers who are new to the propane industry, Texas Star Propane is more than happy and qualified to help transition their home to a more efficient, cost effective and cleaner form of energy.

“Everyday we work hard to make propane a true alternative source of energy so, if someone calls us wanting to transition to propane, we will be there every step of the way to ensure the transition is safe and smooth,” Josh explained, adding that winter is their busier months, but are still able to do new installs and refills within a week. However, in the summer he said they can usually provide next day service.

“We want our customers to know all the bare essentials of propane safety, benefits and what it can do for them,” Joel said, adding that propane is the optimal choice for water heating, space heating, cooking, grilling and clothes drying because of its ability to heat a space quicker, cheaper and safer than other energy sources.

Not only does Texas Star Propane pride itself on quality service and customer satisfaction , but also on the vast amount of combined knowledge they possess. Their services are backed by a team of

experienced and licensed professionals that work hard to ensure every job is done correctly so customers never have to worry about their home or their family’s safety.

“We pride ourselves on customer service and a huge part of that is ensuring our customer’s safety,” Josh said. “Every time we acquire a new customer, we do a system safety check before delivering the propane, whether it’s our tank or theirs. We just want to make sure everything is done to ours and our customer’s satisfaction.”

“Every member of our team has been in the field and has hands on experience. We also do in- house training on top of the training they receive through their railroad commission training,” Joel added.

Without the hard work of their experienced team members and the sacrifice and support from their wives, Joel and Josh both expressed that Texas Star Propane wouldn’t be what it is today: a growing, successful and prominent business. However, they also know that none of this would be possible without the support of their community, which is why they continually give back through their propane donation program and the Lone Survivor Foundation.

“No matter how successful we are or will be, we will never forget where we came from and how we got here,” Josh vowed. “We wanted to give back to a community and people who have given so much to us.”

Every month since the beginning of 2017, Texas Star Propane has selected a family in need through nominations and provided them with 100 free gallons of propane. In addition, a portion of their sales goes to the Lone Survivor Foundation in an effort to help provide wounded service members, their spouses, children and care partners with health, wellness and therapeutic support.

“For us, customer service means more than just providing experience and quality products. It means caring for those around us and those who are in need,” Joel expressed.

Whether you’re an existing propane user or looking to transition, Texas Star Propane has the products, service and experience to fulfill all your propane needs. For a free on-site evaluation and estimate, you can call or e-mail them any time. You can also stop by their office during normal business hours for their drive through cylinder filling station for all size bottles, including RV propane refills. Please call or visit their website for more information. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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