It’s How We View It!

Recently, my son, David III, and his new bride, Kendall, came down from Dallas to visit us at our Whispering Pines Senior Community. They brought with them their new drone to take areal pictures of the Whispering Pines campus. While I had read of drones in the news, I had never seen one in action. Wow, was I amazed! First of all, at how well it flew. Secondly, at the quality of pictures that it would take. But, most amazing of all, was the perspective of the pictures themselves. From up in the air, the pictures gave an amazing view of the campus, unlike anything I had seen before! The pictures really drove home the point that how we view something can radically change our perspective!

Reminds me of reading about Sir Isaac Newton’s research into the properties of light. Back in the late in the 16th century, Isaac Newton became obsessed with the quest to understand the properties of light. Author Jason Bardi has described how Newton worked day and night in his primitive “laboratory,” often forgetting to eat. He studied light through a series of revolutionary experiments that revealed insights that surprised the world.

Perhaps his most surprising discovery was the fact that white light was “exactly the opposite of what many of his contemporaries would have thought.” The common assumption had been that white light was “the absence of color.” But through his experiments, Newton discovered that white light was a combination of all the colors. Many rejected his conclusions, since they did not fit with their preconceived ideas. But Newton demonstrated convincingly that he was right. And he was!

Newton had discovered a new way of seeing. He had been able to make this discovery after freeing himself from preconceived ideas that blinded people from recognizing the truth. This process has parallels in today’s environment. The sad fact is that many people never receive the full enjoyment of living in today’s culture, because they are still stuck in the way things were 60 years ago. 60 years ago, there was no such thing as an “Assisted Living” or a Senior Retirement Community. If you couldn’t live at home, then you were ‘committed’ to living out your life in a drab, depressing nursing home where people went to die!

Today’s retirement for seniors is totally and radically different. Today’s Assisted Living or Retirement Communities feature wonderful meals, vibrant colors, exciting/fun activities, loving neighbors, with beautiful buildings and campuses. Whispering Pines sits on a 10 acre campus with outdoor walking trails, a fishing pond with beautiful ducks and waterfowl, a picnic pavilion where weekly cookouts and activities take place, a place of excitement and life! It is not a place to be ‘committed’ into, but rather, is a place you choose to enjoy life at!

Just as the pictures taken by the drone changed my view of Whispering Pines, so the view of modern day retirement living will change when you explore the lifestyle being offered today. Why not give me a call today and let me show you the advantages of modern day retirement living at its finest! Call me at (936) 231-1303 or (936) 648-7737 and let me give you a personal tour of the beautiful, exciting Whispering Pines campus!

Stay “On The Bright Side”

“They must often change who would be constant in happiness or wisdom.”
— Confucius