The Egg Timer

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I love eating boiled eggs! Now, it is true that I enjoy eating eggs of all kinds, but my favorite is boiled, especially in a nice garden salad of iceberg lettuce. Growing up on a farm in Northwest Oklahoma, we were poor, but we always had fresh eggs on the table from our chickens. I guess part of my love for boiled eggs also stems from the memories I have of watching my mother fixing them for me as a snack. I would stand by the stove and watch the egg timer (maybe you will remember when egg timers were a small hourglass with sand in one end of it), anticipating the finished product.

Image result for picture of an egg timerThinking of that, reminds me of a story I read many years ago about a little girl who was looking at her mother’s egg timer. As the little girl examined it, her mother explained to her that it took exactly three minutes for the sand to empty from one end to the other. Thus, you would empty the sand to the bottom of the hourglass and then turn it over and it would drain out the sand all over again.

The little girl was fascinated by the hourglass egg timer! That afternoon, she brought a friend over to show her the hourglass filled with sand. “See”, she said as she showed the egg time to her friend, “you run the sand through it. Then, you just turn it upside down and you get all of your three minutes back!”

Wouldn’t it be great if we COULD recapture time? The discouraging news is this though, time is NOT a recoverable commodity! Once spent, it can never be recovered, it is gone forever. What you did with it can never be taken back! Someone once postulated that the wise person doesn’t just SPEND time, rather he/she INVESTS it! What an insightful truth!

Just like money, you can waste time and receive little back in return, OR you can strategically invest it and reap huge returns. Time invested in yourself will return a better person. Time invested in those you care deeply about, will return love and acceptance. Time invested in the Lord and your spiritual disciplines, will return a closer walk with Him and a better life! Time invested in your community, will return a stronger community with stronger families!

As we age, we begin reflecting on this more often. With the beginning of each new year, it is a good time to stop and reflect on the time you’ve spent in the previous year and contemplate how you plan to invest your time in the coming year. Candidly, it is the perfect time to set a few goals about what you want to do in the coming year. REMEMBER, you are never too old nor too young to set goals for investing your time. While old age may rob you of the physical ability to do some tasks you would like, you still can make a difference in people’s life. It may be to pray for a family member going through a challenging experience, it may be to give a phone call to a grandchild who is struggling to grow up, it may be to write an encouraging note to a friend who is experiencing sorrow or loss, it may be to read a book that inspires you to grow. Whatever goal you decide to set, be assured that it is never too late to set a goal to grow!

Think about it this month as you stay “On The Bright Side”!

Stay “On The Bright Side”
In March

“You are never too old to set another goal,

Or to dream a new dream!”

C.S. Lewis