The Quilt of Life

Finally, we have escaped the grasp of summer heat and some nice, cool fall weather has come upon us. THEN, almost without adieu, winter arrived with a MASSIVE snowstorm! (Ok, so our massive snowstorm in Houston amounts to an inch or two!) However one looks at it, it got cold enough and with the snow on the ground, to tempt one to stay in bed, under a nice warm quilt, and forget about going out in the sub 40 degree weather! Ok, now come on, stop making fun of me, it is COLD in Houston when it gets below 40 degrees! Anyway, back to the topic, I was reading a book written by my wife’s aunt that is comprised of one to two page short stories of life, when I ran across this story on “Mama’s Quilt”.

Like the author, I too remember the days when you would walk into Grandma’s house and hanging from the ceiling you would see a quilting frame. In that same memory ‘bank’, I can remember the ladies from the church getting together for Quilting Parties, where they would gather around that frame and build a quilt. If the quilt was to be sent to a missionary, then the ladies might be praying while they quilted. If it was to be given to a newly wed in the church, then they might do more gossiping than praying! (Lord, forgive me for saying that! LOL)

Whatever the case, the author of the book, brought out several life-lessons to be learned from quilting and the quilt itself. Here goes with a few of those life-lessons. First of all, the quilting party taught her that cooperation pays off. When several ladies from the church gathered together to work on the quilt, it could be done in record time! Likewise, in a family or in the church, the more people participating and working, the more effective we can be.

Next, the author mentions how that patchwork quilts were made of scraps. Pieces not usable or even attractive by themselves, yet when placed within the ‘puzzle’ of a patchwork quilt, they became very pretty. The lesson? Beauty can be found in various sizes, shapes, colors, and prints, just like people we encounter in all walks of life. No matter the scrap of cloth or the person, everyone and everything has a place of service where the Lord needs them! As a part of that lesson, it also taught her that small things in life are useful when combined with others.

Finally, the author shared that when she looks at a quilt even today, she is reminded that life is a lot like a quilt. There are many things and experiences that go together to make up a life. Some of those experiences are bright and happy, while other are rather dull and can be very depressing. But, when you put them all together, life can turn out to be bright, shining, and beautiful! The author concluded with this thought. Just as the choices the quilter makes about placement of patches in the quilt, influences the beauty of it, so likewise, the choices you and I make with our life can influence our beauty. Many times it depends on the way you look at life and how you allow the Lord to shine through you to others! Seems to me, to be a beautiful life lesson taught by a quilt!

Think about it this week as you stay “On The Bright Side”!


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