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It doesn’t matter how customers find you as long as they do. There are no shortcuts. Just like with anything else, you get out of it what you put into it.

Did you know that Dock Line offers a full range of services to market and grow your business? Utilizing traditional and emerging forms of marketing, we can help your business experience continual, consistent growth. If you’re going to take your business’ online presence seriously, it needs to be a full-time position.

Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Web Design, and SEO sound easy enough, but you can’t put a few hours a week into your online projects and expect any kind of success. It’s important to have a professional manage this for you.

We’re passionate about our business strategies and yours. The Dock Line Digital Strategy team take our jobs seriously while making it fun, entertaining and engaging.

Ask if you qualify for our FREE Online Presence Evaluation by the Dock Line Company Digital Strategy Team. Without the need for passwords or back end access, we can assess your website, social media, and review sites to determine their strengths and where there may be an opportunity for improvement. This is an excellent way to see your business from your consumer’s online perspective.


We are hands-on, real human beings and non-robotic, and we do not use dashboards!

Our focus is on audience building, conversation starting, monitoring, and business branding. Good, consistent branding practices increase the value of your company and make acquiring new customers easier. We create, administrate, and manage your online presence in all areas that are applicable to your business including working with and overseeing your webmaster.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Thorough research of our clients’ social media needs

Identifying your audience using Google analytics and insights associated with your business’ social media platforms.

We gather from your website business and product information. It is then recreated for your social media platforms in a manner that will attract attention and will encourage prospective buyers to then share it with their social networks. All of your social media content is back linked to your website which helps with your social media SEO.

Applying the most ethical and organic marketing strategies to acquire new connections and followers. When your social media platforms have “personalities” they are able to correspond with other businesses on a daily basis, creating relationships and gaining exposure.

Sending you analytics utilizing insights, demographics, location and performance tracking.

Increased social media SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Monitoring customer engagement and identify new ways to activate participation and feedback.

Corresponding with new and existing customers/clients in a timely manner directing them to the source of information (your phone number or website).

We reply and correspond with reviews and anything else written about you and your business. We continually monitor your online reputation. Whether it be positive or negative, we respond in a timely matter and forward important information to you.

We are available to you and your business every day.

We work with your Webmaster to ensure your website is current, user-friendly and compatible with all mobile devices. Together, we keep your product and company up to date.

We can tell you when it’s the right time to implement SEO.


Your website should create a lasting, memorable first impression for your customers. At Dock Line, we provide website design services to help you use the internet as the ultimate marketing tool for your business. We build beautiful, functional websites designed to grow your business and your brand.

With our team of experienced web developers, we use WordPress, the most respected platform in website development, to create a mobile-optimized, stylish, custom website for your company. With a great website in place, you can grow your company and expand your reach into the ever-growing online space. Ask about our website design services for more information.


Dock Line now offers SEO services. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective forms of long term advertising available today. Nearly everyone begins their search for a product or service online, and everyone starts and the same place – a search engine. For instance, when you search for a restaurant, you most likely start by searching on Google. The same goes for automotive services, dentists, doctors, professional services, and so on.

With our SEO services, we will work to put your business at the top of Google search rankings so people see your name first. Most people only click on the first few links suggested by Google on the first page of search results. Let us put you on the top of those rankings to get your business the most exposure possible.

Our efforts have always been targeted toward giving our customers the best we have to market their business. Come join the Dock Line family and meet our highly qualified experts for your Digital Marketing needs.

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