Huntsville Pets Helping People

Huntsville Pets Helping People (HPHP) is a non-profit service organization in Huntsville, Texas. The organization consists of teams of humans and their pets. The pets have had extensive obedience and socialization training in order to become registered therapy animals. These remarkable teams visit hospitals, schools, and libraries in order to provide therapy animals to those in need. Therapy animals have been scientifically proven to make people feel better who are stressed, lonely or sick. The animals of HPHP are mostly dogs, but cats, miniature horses, and small pocket pets such as guinea pigs and rabbits have been used.

HPHP also holds programs they believe will benefit the public. The HPHP has allowed its facilities to be used for puppy socialization courses and for dog obedience, rally and agility training classes. HPHP also holds private functions for organizations that feel their members could benefit from a visit to the headquarters, lovingly called the Dawg House, and interacting with the therapy teams. Currently the group participates in programs with Bridgeway, Huntsville Independent School District, Huntsville Memorial Hospital, several nursing facilities within Huntsville, Huntsville public library, and programs on the Sam Houston State University Campus.

Plans are in the works for events that will be open to the public. We also like to interact with the public at events such as Fair on the Square in Huntsville and the Mushroom Festival in Madisonville in the fall and are always looking to add more programs and events to share our love of our program with the community.

HPHP is part of the national READ® [Reading Education Assistance Dogs®] program developed by Intermountain Therapy Animals in Utah. The program has been in practice with the Huntsville Independent School District since 2006. “Who Let the Dogs Out” at the Huntsville Public Library is an extension of this program. Students learn to read more efficiently by reading to the dogs. This program has been proven to work well as the children do not feel judged by the dogs and therefore are more open and relaxed.

HPHP is also working with the Sam Houston State University Library to host Paws and Kisses for Stress Relief in the library commons area during midterm and finals each semester. The event hosted over 100 students during midterms this spring semester.

HPHP also holds fundraisers in order to raise money to cover the organizations expenses, to invest for long term programs, and for funding other programs such as buying school supplies for children in need and providing for individual needs to others within the community. The organization needs funds to grow and expand our helping hand further into the community.

We always need volunteers, new teams and donations of supplies and money for events and programs. If you are interested in volunteering, becoming a team or donating please contact Diane Carpenter at or by calling at 936-291-7387.