Leave It For The Pooch

Jayson is an 11-year-old honor student at Montgomery Jr. High School. He is on the student council and he plays percussion in the band. He is also on the alumni council for Education in action. Jayson is a member of TSRA and the NRA and participates in Montgomery County 4H shooting sports, he shot at the National level in Arkansas and will be a returning champion this summer.

He started a service project called Leave it for the Pooch. Jayson collects new and gently used items for cats and dogs such as beds, blankets, leashes, kennels, and food and donate to help local rescue groups and shelters. Jayson has a Facebook page and you can message him there to facilitate a pickup or you can drop off at Elite Repeat in Montgomery.

They have kindly partnered with Jayson and have a drop box for donations. He takes pictures and documents where every item donated winds up so you can follow his journey. He also came up with the idea called Pennies Four Paws which helps raise money for injured strays that are in desperate need of veterinary care. He has raised $1000 and is currently helping a stray dog named Booker that was attacked by some other dogs and then callously shot. Booker had to have a front leg amputated but is now on the road to recovery thanks to Jayson. If you would like to make a donation please go to his link.

Jayson has recently reached out to Carrie’s Junque Wagon to have t-shirts and decals made with his logo to help raise awareness for his projects. All proceeds go into his Pennies Four Paws fund. He hopes to attend Texas A&M to become a veterinarian.