The American Dream

By Cheyenne Simpson

Top real estate agent uses experience and customized marketing plan to sell the American Dream.

With more Realtors than there are properties for sale, it’s hard to know whom you should choose when it comes to buying or selling real estate, especially when it comes to large amounts of land. The more land there is, the more information you need to know. Information that can only come from an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor like Tamarah Courtright Curtis, who uses her personal experiences and extensive knowledge to help clients achieve the American Dream.

Creighton Realty Partners Realtor and Brokers Associate, Tamarah Curtis, has been selling real estate in the Montgomery County area since 2006. For the past three years, The Houston Business Journal has voted her one of the top five Realtors in the Houston region. Her listings include everything from waterfront properties to new construction homes. In addition to residential properties, Tamarah also sells farm, ranch and acreage properties. Real estate that Tamarah says more and more people are looking for, “From big developers to weekend farmers and ranchers who just want something for relaxation, more and more people want to get out of the city and onto their own piece of land.”

Having grown up around a small farm, acreage real estate is something Tamarah is very familiar with, which allows her to provide experienced knowledge and information to buyers and sellers.

“I was raised outdoors,” Tamarah said. “It’s because of my general knowledge of the outdoors and the area that I know what to look for and what information to provide to the buyers and sellers.”

Knowledge that allows her to look at piece of land and see what most people would never think to look at.

“I look at what developments may be going up, if there’s potential to grow acreage, changes in appraisal laws, flood plain, surveys,” Tamarah listed. “For example, a lot of people aren’t aware that certain areas you have different water rights. I am aware of those types of things, I am able to bring it to the buyers attention.”

It’s this awareness that has made her one of the top realtors in the Montgomery County area. Last year alone, she had more than $31 million in sales and over 140 transactions. In addition to her knowledge, she also has a team of experienced real estate professionals that have lived in the Montgomery County area for a combined 50 plus years and all have a general knowledge of the outdoors.

“We have hunters, fishers and just general outdoors people. We come with a hand full of knowledge,” Tamarah said proudly. “So, if someone is looking for a horse ranch, we have agents who are knowledgeable about horses. If someone is looking for a hunting ranch, we have knowledgeable agents that know what to look for.”

However, it is more than her team’s general knowledge and her experience that has drawn both buyers and sellers to her doorstep. It’s her focus on customer service and customized marketing plans that have attributed to her success as a Realtor.

“We customize each property to highlight everything that the current owner wants or a new buyer is looking for,” said Tamarah, who has a degree in marketing from Sam Houston State University. “We customize each property’s marketing plan by looking at the property and it specific characteristics. From there we know how to market the property based on those characteristics and the needs of the property.”

One-way Tamarah goes above and beyond to highlight the characteristics of each property is by using aerial drone photography to give buyers a bird’s eye view of the land. In addition to providing a bird’s eye view, she also offers buyers the opportunity to view the property from a more personal perspective.

“We offer buyers the ability to take an off road vehicle, a side by side, so they can really enjoy the land they are looking at. They can feel it, smell it, ride on it and get a real taste of it, Tamarah explained.

These marketing approaches are what make Tamarah’s properties more than just a listing. While she does list her properties on a variety of different websites, some of which focus directly on farm and ranch land, she also uses a higher frequency to reach more people. Broadcasting a monthly-featured property on Fox News, HGTV and CBS.

“I am consistently looking at the marketing trends and finding what works, whether it be social media, e-mail blasts or TV commercials,” Tamarah said.

While staying up to date on the latest marketing trends helps find new ways to showcase properties, it is the age old saying, “it’s all about who you know” that really allows her to customize each marketing plan.

“This area I know like the back of my hand and I know that a lot of the homeowners and property owners around here aren’t going to go out and market their own property,” Tamarah explained. “It’s all who you know and the contacts you have. If a buyer is looking for something that’s not listed on the market, I am able to call those home owners that are willing to sell some of their property or a portion of their property.”

As with any area, there is only so much dirt to sell, but thankfully for Montgomery County and northern surrounding areas there are still deals to be made. Deals that Tamarah and her team are prepared to work around the clock on. Ensuring that every seller’s property is marketed correctly and every buyer’s hopes at the American Dream are fulfilled.

“It’s few and far between that you meet someone that doesn’t want to own a piece of land. To own your own land, that’s the American dream,” Tamarah said. “If it’s a developer, if it’s someone wanting to sell their current property or if it’s someone looking for a weekend ranch or retirement property, we can help.”

Tamarah and her team work around the clock, year around to offer their expertise and knowledge to every buyer and seller in Montgomery County and surrounding areas. You can contact Tamarah at her office at 832-876-7097 or on her cell-phone at 844-936-SOLD. You can also e-mail her at or visit her website,