Lessons I Have Learned in Life

What a year 2017 was! Harvey trashes the place and the Astros win the World Series. So what shall we do with 2018. Well, here are some life lessons I have learned:

  1. Get flood insurance- Yeah, I never thought my house would flood either. Who knew walls required so much work to repair? When I retire, I’m buying a place on a mountain side.
  2. Don’t buy a timeshare- The salesmen are nice. It sounds great, then you keep getting hit with the yearly bill in January. What spawn of satan thought up timeshares?
  3. Go on vacation when major projects get rolled out- Yeah, I lucked out this year and took some time off unknowingly right when a major project got scheduled so I missed all the chaos that created. Lucky me!
  4. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst- This mentality could have saved some of my stuff that I didn’t have time to get upstairs before the flood waters came in.
  5. If you get a dog door, just remember that the cat will learn to use it and then he will come in at night and wake you by punching you in the mouth because he wants to be petted or fed. (Yeah Smokey. I’m talking about you!)
  6. Vacation in the low season. I go to the Caribbean in the summer and avoid the crowds and the high prices that accompany the winter peak.
  7. Holiness is shown in right action. Words are empty if they are not backed up by right action. The greatest measure of how righteous you are is seen in how you treat others. Be nice. Let that car merge in a traffic jam. Hold a door for people carrying things. Say kind words to others.