The Midterm Elections

It’s October now and with the midterm elections next month we are seeing political signs everywhere. I feel it’s always prudent to send out a refresher for voters.

Registration: You have to be registered to vote and you vote in the county you are registered. If you have moved recently or are otherwise unsure about your registration status, simply go to and you can look up your registration. October 9th is the last day to register or change your registration, which is right about the time you are receiving the Dockline. Stop reading this and go check your registration right now and make sure you are all set.

Now that you’re back, let’s continue…

Identification: To cut down on voter fraud, Texas implemented a voter ID law. You must present ID to vote. Again, you can visit for the specifics. Most people use their driver’s license, but other forms of government ID are acceptable.

Early Voting: I always encourage people to take advantage of early voting. During early voting you can vote at any polling location. Early voting runs from October 22nd to November 2nd this year. Early voting also has the advantage of allowing you time to get a problem resolved if you have an issue with your registration. I work a polling location on election day and it saddens me to see people show up to vote only to have to tell them they are registered somewhere else. Early voting gives you a heads up so can get to the right place before the election is over.

Election Day Voting: If you prefer to vote on election day, make sure you know where to go. Election workers are always happy to help you find the right place if you show up at the wrong location, but it’s easier on everyone if you find your voting location ahead of time. In Harris County, you can go to to find your election day voting location. In Chambers County, you can go to .

One last thing, give some thought to being part of the electoral process. Counties are always in need of election workers and the pay is decent enough, whether you work election day only or serve through two weeks of early voting. It’s a nice little gig and if you enjoy being around people, it’s perfect! I have worked elections for 12 years and knowing how elections work is quite insightful. Contact your county clerk’s office or your county’s political party to get plugged in!

I thought I would tack on my election predictions, since I have some space. Most of the time, I am pretty accurate on the numbers, but I tend to not do so well on individual races, so here it goes:

Governors: It could go +/- 3 either way, but I think in the end it will be a wash, with neither party making a net gain or at most a gain of 1 either way.

Senate: The GOP will most likely gain 8 seats and possibly 1 or 2 more.

House: This is my big earth shattering prediction. GOP +5. I know most pundits expect the Democrats will gain in the House, but from what I’ve seen in the details of the polling the blue wave that is so talked about is just not there.

So I may be totally wrong and you can make fun of me after November 6, but if I’m right, I’m going to glot in my article in December.