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It’s All in Your Head – A Great Addition to My Office

It’s All in Your Head – A Great Addition to My Office

I have been writing articles in this space for over 5 years now, and I really enjoyed doing.  Usually I tried to educate those of you reading about different aspects of medical conditions I treat as an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.

Today I want to briefly talk about some staff changes that have occurred in my office.  I am pleased to now that Christi Dodd, Physician’s Assistant will be joining me in my practice.  Christi has had many years of experience in dealing with patients.  She has been a physician’s assistant in Montgomery for years working for primary care physicians.  Many of you may have seen Christi in either the office of Dr.Tomlinson or Dr. Zobal.  She is well-respected and has an excellent reputation which she has justly earned.

Before working for a primary care physician Christi worked for another ENT specialist in College Station.

For those of you who are unclear about the role of a Physician’s Assistant, they have extensive education and training much like medical school.  In the State of Texas, a PA must work under a licensed physician but can independently see patients, diagnose the problem as well as prescribe most medications.

Christi will be working under my supervision and I will be available to answer difficult questions on patients with very complex problems.

I hope the holiday season finds you well and in overall good health despite all the stresses it can bring.  It also can bring joy, and I hope all of you had your share of holiday fun.

I am excited about the changes in my office and the challenges for the New Year!

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