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Getting the Most Out of Custom Home Building: Design

Getting the Most Out of Custom Home Building: Design

While going through the home design process it’s easy to get caught up in the layout of the house and disregard aspects of the build site. You will want to design your house to be appropriate for the situation at hand. The idea is to make the house look like it was meant to be there. Imagine a narrow house on a wide lot or acreage tract. 

The contour of the land must be considered to plan for accessibility. Consider placing the garage where there is less slope on the driveway or allow distance to reduce driveway slope. The shape of the house can affect the costs of site preparation particularly on lots with elevation challenges. If a house is running with the slope of the land it will usually require more fill material. 

Minimize disturbances, Maximize Privacy. Placement of the house on the lot and location of the rooms can create privacy where you want it. Outdoor lighting, position of the sun, traffic and noise producing situations can be minimized by design. Make provisions for outdoor spaces in appropriate locations. Place your spaces to get a view, allow for easy access outdoor areas, and provide privacy where you want it most. 

Take into consideration what it will be like living in the house once it is complete. Start with a base floor plan, incorporate the amenities that are most important to you and then add all the details. A good design builder can offer ideas and solutions while keeping a check on your budget

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