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Before Your Hire a Contractor to Work On Your Home…

Before Your Hire a Contractor to Work On Your Home…

What Montgomery County Home and Commercial Services Can Teach You About Hiring the Right Company

As a homeowner, you undoubtedly have a list of projects to work on around your house. As the years go by, those projects seem to get bigger and more daunting. You can probably relate to most homeowners when it comes to those big projects: you realize quickly that you’re not an expert. This becomes especially apparent when you need to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Those types of jobs require skill and expertise that you probably don’t have, much less the time to put into them. So, the best thing to do is hire someone to do it for you. 

Like most people, you’ll likely begin your search for a contractor by asking around. Perhaps a friend or family member knows someone, or you just go searching online. What you’ll find is that contractors are a dime a dozen. Especially in areas that are growing fast, like the Lake Conroe area, contractors are everywhere. They seem to come out of the woodwork and they’re all competing for jobs. Your job as a homeowner is to hire the right contractor for the right price. 

However, if you’re feeling nervous about hiring the right person to work on your home, welcome to the club. Many homeowners struggle with knowing who to trust. This is because just as quickly as contractors appear with too-good-to-be-true pricing and bold claims on how fast they can complete the job, they can disappear. We’ve all heard horror stories of homeowners being left with unfinished remodels and empty wallets. If only there was a guaranteed way to ensure you’ll get what you paid for (or more) and have peace of mind about the whole project. 

Enter Montgomery County Home and Commercial Services. This local business has been serving the Lake Conroe community for more than 20 years. Owner Glen Martin is an expert in nearly every area of home repair and commercial renovation. Combined with his more than two decades of experience, he has carefully assembled a team of more than 20 skilled craftsmen with expertise in home remodels, carpentry, painting, roofing, electrical work, concrete, plumbing, landscaping and more.

What’s most impressive about MCHS, however, is not the ability to accomplish any job around the home. It’s their reputation. Reputation, after all, is the one factor every homeowner should consider above all others. As is the case with any business, you shouldn’t just take their word for it. Here is what their customers have to say.

“Friends and Neighbors – I cannot let another day go by without sending the highest of recommendations for Montgomery County Home and Commercial Services! On Monday, the day following Hurricane Harvey hitting our area, we were at an absolute loss of what to do… ​Literally within about 18 hours of my first contact, Glen had his crew in our home tearing out sheetrock and doing all that work that needed to get started so quickly. Since that first meeting, Glen and his crew have worked with us through this whole mess, step by step! On their website, you will see that “they build relationships!” Man, is that ever true! In addition to being highly professional, I feel like we have made new friends with some really great people! Not only do they follow through on everything that’s been said, but Glen checks on the work being done by his crew several times during the day.” Debra – Walden

“Montgomery County Home and Commercial Services is a great company that I would highly recommend. Glen Martin, the owner, is local, he is insured, and has great references. He responded very quickly to our call. His company does the tear out, flood remediation, reconstruction, and they took all the stress off us by choosing paint, flooring, etc. They listened to what we wanted, our budget, and presented 3 options of each, so we didn’t have to run around shopping and choosing everything. Can’t say enough good things about this company.” – Lisa – April Sound

So, what exactly makes MCHS different from all the other contractors out there? Well, there are three things that you’ll discover when you work with them.

They Keep Costs Low without Sacrificing Quality

One of the benefits of being a locally owned business is the ability to keep construction costs low. This is because MCHS is not a subsidiary or franchise. Without extra overhead costs involved, Glen and his team are able to give more fair and accurate quotes that aren’t bloated with corporate add-ons. And since Glen only uses highly-skilled, trusted contractors, the work gets done right the first time and within budget. There are no surprises or miscalculations.

The Entire Job is Managed by One Company

One of the problems that larger home construction and renovation businesses around Houston often have is that they try to manage too many jobs all around the greater Houston area. So, they end up sub-contracting out jobs to other smaller companies or contractors. This creates a problem with quality control and consistency. MCHS only serves the Lake Conroe area, and Glen Martin personally oversees each project. 

They Stick Around

Perhaps the biggest issue homeowners have with contractors is whether or not they are available after the job is completed, or even during the job for that matter. A home remodel or project can often hold surprises and unforeseen costs. An experienced contractor can spot these surprises early on and adjust the budget accordingly. When a contractor bids too low on a project and unexpected costs arise, the project can quickly get out of hand, and sometimes, sadly, the contractor disappears. MCHS has built a reputation for building relationships with their customers. They treat their homes like they are their own and they walk them through the entire process. Most importantly, they make themselves available every step of the way, and that doesn’t change when the job is complete.

If you need someone to tackle that big project at your home, but you’re nervous about hiring the right contractor, then take the guesswork out of it and contact Montgomery County Home and Commercial Services. You can reach them 24 hours a day by phone at (936) 444-6952, or email owner Glen Martin directly at [email protected]. You can also learn more online at www.montgomerycountyhsd.com.

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