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Giving Power to the People, One Generator at a Time

Giving Power to the People, One Generator at a Time

How Grasten Power Technologies Is Keeping the Lights on for Lake Conroe Communities with Standby Generators

In 2005, Hurricane Rita, like many major storms that have come through Texas, came with little warning and left an unprecedented amount of damage in its path. The major storms that came in the years that followed proved just as devastating in their own ways. Hurricane Ike left 2.1 million people without power, and Hurricane Harvey, along with devastating flooding, caused power outages for over 500,000 people. For many, it took weeks to have full power restored.

It was after that nightmare of a storm, Hurricane Rita, that Grasten Power Technologies was started. Joshua Keller of Grasten saw the gaping hole in the standby generator industry and knew it needed to be filled the right way. With hundreds of thousands of people without power, the demand for backup generators skyrocketed. However, the biggest problem wasn’t that people couldn’t get a standby generator, but the service was missing. “With Rita, we saw that there really weren’t enough good, quality installers and good, quality service companies. You had a lot of bad installations and very few people were taking care of the generators.” He adds. “We wanted to come in and provide five-star service, along with top quality installations.”

Grasten quickly became the best standby generator installer in the region. “We have THE best reviews in the generator industry. On every review site, we are five-star rated, with hundreds of reviews.” says Joshua Keller. “I can confidently say that we are the best generator installation company in the region.” 

In fact, Grasten’s customers seem to strongly agree:

“I cannot thank you all enough for handling our generator needs. Not only was your quote lower than your competitors, we also ended up with a larger generator. The entire experience was nothing short of amazing. Everyone was always prompt, efficient, professional, and always willing to help or make changes as needed. Could not be more pleased and hope to work with you all again for my personal generator needs”

Karen P.

If you’ve ever lost power to your home for even just a few hours, you know how inconvenient and stressful it can be. So, if you’re wondering if a standby generator is right for you, let’s take a look at two of the biggest reasons hundreds of homeowners are having them installed in their homes this year:

Natural Disasters

If you’ve lived in southeast Texas for even just a short time, you know the real threat that hurricanes bring to the area. Nearly every year, it seems we are threatened by another looming storm churning off the Gulf or in the Atlantic, slowly working its way to the Texas coast. People can panic, causing gridlocked traffic as people evacuate and empty shelves in stores as people prepare for the worst, buying food and supplies. Not to mention, these storms bring a high chance of losing power to your home – maybe for days and weeks. 

With a standby generator, you’ll never have to worry about losing power. In fact, the instant your home loses power, your home will be powered by your generator. You’ll never notice the switch. 

Failing Infrastructure

The Greater Houston and Lake Conroe areas are growing fast. More and more homes and businesses are moving into the area and the strain on our power grids is scary. Our electrical grids are in great need of renovations and upgrades, and frequent power outages are becoming commonplace. “The grid infrastructure is really, really, old and failing us more and more” warns Joshua. “And they’re expecting more storms and more power outages.” Even with advancements in renewable energy like solar power coming in the future, the gap is ever widening and the strain on the electrical grid is only growing. 

It’s easy to get a standby generator installed in your home. In fact, if you’re building a new home right now, it’s the perfect time to install a standby generator. It can be installed much more aesthetically and efficiently with your new build. 

So, you might be thinking now that a standby generator could save you a lot of stress and uncertainty. With hurricane season right around the corner, the chances of you losing power is about to go through the roof. Now might be the perfect time to invest in a standby generator for your home. 

More affordable than you think – especially now.

Before you worry that a standby generator is going to be too expensive, Grasten makes it easy to afford one for your home, on pretty much any budget – especially considering the economic season we are going into with the shutdown. As Joshua Keller explains, “We want to be respectful of everyone’s health and time. We understand we’re going through trying times. For that reason, we have zero-down financing and zero interest for 18 months, and payments as low as $100 a month. Even someone on social security can afford it.”

You don’t have to break the bank to secure your home with dependable power. 

Special programs for you right now.

Are you a Centerpoint Energy customer? Grasten has a special offer of up to $1,500 off a qualifying generator, and for a limited time, when you purchase a Kohler generator, you’ll also get a free 10-year extended warranty, worth up to $1,795.

Also, Grasten is offering a special deal on Generac generators. Right now, you can receive a 10-year warranty and your first year of maintenance FREE with your qualifying purchase – a $1,395 value.

If you already own a standby generator Grasten can provide all the maintenance on it regularly so you’ll never have to worry about it not working when you need it.

Social Distancing? No Problem.

Grasten is paving the way to make their service as safe and customer-friendly as possible. “We have developed a virtual in-home consultation service.” says Joshua. Customers can work with a Grasten technician over a video chat to identify generator issues and determine the service necessary. “We also have a self-site survey link on our website where a customer can walk through the process of choosing the right generator before contacting us directly.” Joshua adds. “And generator installs are done outside – you’ll never have to come in contact with us.” In addition, Grasten is offering a no-touch service all around, including email receipts and digital paperwork.

Leading the Way in the Face of Uncertainty

As many businesses are shutting down, slowing down, or stuck in a holding pattern, waiting out the pandemic, Grasten is pushing forward. In early May, they closed on a new facility to expand their operations. As Joshua explains, “This is huge for us. It’s a two acre piece of property, right off the highway. We’re going to be building a 13,000 sq. ft. corporate headquarters.” Despite the uncertainty, Grasten is growing into the future to provide even better service and care for their community. “We’ve become a staple in the generator industry. We’re now one of the largest generator dealers in Texas. This new corporate headquarters is going to be good for us.” 

Hurricane season is fast approaching. Don’t wait. Get a standby generator installed and never worry about losing power again. 

If you’d like to get a free quote on a standby generator for your home, contact Grasten Power Technologies today. Call them at 281-259-6500 or fill out the easy form online at www.grastengenerators.com. Their sales and service staff are available Monday – Friday from 8am to 4:30pm, and their emergency service team is available 24/7. 

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