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How Boating Helps Families Stay Connected & Become Closer

How Boating Helps Families Stay Connected & Become Closer

Reset Back-to-the-Basics … Rinker’s Boat World Never Stopped.

As we drift further into uncharted waters with the Covid-19, it can be challenging to find activities that are both therapeutic and fun for everyone, as well as, respecting the current social distancing mandates. Many people and families by default are finding themselves getting “back-to-the-basics”. What does that mean? “Back-to-the-basics” was born out of the great need to strengthen and support the family unit. 

For generations families have stayed connected by boating; it’s that one place they all come together and make memories that last a lifetime. Boating is a great get-away for some water therapy that can be relaxing and calming and/or an excuse to embark on a new adventure. Whether you are cruising, fishing, water skiing or catching a wave; you are enjoying quality family time together. 

As many people are getting “back-to-the-basics” with boating, Rinker’s Boat World at Lakeshore never stopped! Let Rinker’s show you the ropes and help get and keep you connected.

Boating Strengthens The Family Unit

As Chris Rinker, owner of Rinker’s Boat World puts it, “Boating allows all families to come together in one place, have a captive audience, as you are spending time together on the water and in turn making memories that last forever. Boating is one of the BEST ‘family tools’ that there is!” Once you start your family out in boating, it goes on forever, it becomes an inherited behavior that gets passed down for generations. People want to share that experience and lifestyle with their families and loved ones. There are not many activities out there that can continuously draw back in your kids and family together. Boating is never getting old either. Even as kids mature and grow, they still want to be out on the water.

Many families today also purchase a boat (take up boating) to be able to not only make memories on the water with their children but also be able to provide an activity where the parents have some control of their children’s safety, where-abouts and friend selection. “We enjoy having a boat for the quality family time it provides us,” states Rinker’s customer Kacie. “Boating also allows us to know that our son is surrounded by good people. After all, you learn a lot about someone when they are out on your boat all day!” Allow Rinker’s to help you pass the boating lifestyle down to your families and generations to come!

Why the Rinker’s Family Legacy is Important to You and Your Family

Rinker’s Boat World is a family-owned and operated, ‘5-Star’ rated boat dealership that opened their doors in Houston in 1978. Boating and the Rinker Family date back several decades, from grandfather to current grandson owner Chris Rinker. Chris Rinker comes from a family that lives and breathes boating. Boating is in the Rinker’s family blood—Chris’s Grandfather, Lossie “LE” Rinker, built fishing and racing boats in the 1930’s and his Uncle John, founded the very respectable/successful Rinker Boat Co. in 1945. The Rinker family prides itself on treating customers like family. Rinker’s company culture has developed over many years and is strong. Rinker’s has built their reputation for quality service and going above and beyond what is expected from a boat dealership. Word of mouth is Rinker’s best advertising agent and they have many families that have bought 5 or more boats from them and now their children are coming to Rinker’s with their boating needs, and in turn have become Rinker’s extended family on the water. “A true first-class experience. Thank you for making us feel like part of the family and for providing an exceptional product.” ~Mark W., a Rinkers Boat World Customer.

Rinker’s Boat World strategy is engraved from the top as they will do everything in their power to ensure every customer is completely and extremely satisfied with their experience at Rinker’s Boat World. Rinker’s has their model displayed on their walls in the showroom as a constant reminder, “We Have an Unfair Advantage, We Care More.”

Buying a Boat Should Be Fun, Exciting & Rewarding

There comes a time in many lives when a family decides that it is ‘now or never’ in buying a boat. One of the biggest reasons people never become boat owners is due to the fear of the unknown. The fear that they will make a mistake, buy the wrong boat, pay too much, be ‘taken’ by a boat salesman, etc. Purchasing and owning a boat should never be intimidating or scary—it should be fun, exciting and rewarding. Rinker’s Boat World’s #1 mission is to get a family into a proper boat that meets all of their needs and lifestyle! Their goal at Rinker’s Boat World is to make the entire process of buying a boat fun and easy for our customers. Their job is to sell and deliver as many fantastic ownership experiences to the customer as possible. 

When you come to buy a boat, they aren’t going to rush you through the process. Rinker’s wants to find the right boat for your family. With a staff, with years of experience, whether a part of the team behind the counter or the General Managers who are there day in and day out, Chris Rinker believes, “If you take the time to find the perfect boat for a family, you have a customer for life. Building the right relationship with a family is everything in the boating business”, states Chris Rinker.

Being voted and receiving the prestigious award as one of the ‘Top 100’ Boat Dealerships in all of North America by Boating Industry is proof to all of Rinker’s hard work and excellent customer service. Rinker’s are not only a ‘5-star rated Boat Dealership’ serving Lake Conroe, the Greater Houston Metroplex, Lake Livingston and the Gulf Coast area, but also have the most positive online reviews. For more than 3 decades Rinker’s has earned the reputation of being one of the sought-out boat dealers in Houston and on Lake Conroe due to the attention they provide their customers.

“The Rinker Team listened to exactly what we wanted and helped us figure out what we needed. They were not pushy and only helpful for our family. They even stayed late to help us find the perfect boat fit. Rinker’s took us out for the day on the lake to help us learn how to best operate the boat, especially since we are first time boat buyers. Rinker’s was able to share exactly the best ways to operate the boat and made sure we all took turns to drive it. Great experience all around.” ~ Landon P, Rinker’s Boat World Customer.

Why Rinker’s Boat World … The Right Boat & Dealership Makes All the Difference

Rinker’s Boat World at Lakeshore is dedicated to helping customers have the best experience they can have. From experts to novices, they want to give you the tools to succeed on the water. They accomplish this in a number of ways. Firstly, the goal of each interaction with a client is to empower them with information on the best boat for their situation. A very knowledgeable salesman from their team is going to be comprehensive in the details of the types of boats Rinker’s offers and how their needs can be met. The goal is to make boating easy and accessible for anyone to enjoy. Rinker’s doesn’t want you leaving the dealership wondering whether you can handle a boat or not. 

Secondly, Rinker’s starts by offering a great product, the brand of boats they carry are some of the best in their class. They are 1 of only 3 in the state of Texas to sell Cobalt boats, but that’s not all. Rinker’s Boat World also sells leading brands like Supra, Sylvan Pontoons, Sea Hunt, Moomba and South Bay Pontoons, both new and pre-owned (or pre-enjoyed as they say) inventory. If you are looking for the Mercedes-Benz of boats, they have it. If you are looking for the Ford-Mustang of boats they have it. However, new buyers shouldn’t be intimidated. The Rinker’s Boat World Team is going to walk you through each boat and how to operate it. They are not going to push something you are not ready for, and they will give you guidance on how best to join the boating community. 

Thirdly, many customers of Rinker’s Boat World are repeat customers. The trust, relationship and customer service are so strong their customers wouldn’t look anywhere else. Some families are on their 5th boat from Rinker’s Boat World. Some have been handed down through each generation, and they keep coming back for service, parts and often just to visit. As new generations come of age and/or are learning how to deal with the current circumstances in the world, more and more are finding that Rinker’s is the most reliable boating dealership around. As Chris Rinker points out, “We shoot straight with our customers, we are honest … always! Rinker’s Boat World builds relationships with our customers and even vendors, that last a lifetime, for generations.” When you visit Rinker’s Boat World at Lakeshore you are working with a retailer who has proven themselves for over three decades.

“Rinkers Boat World has my highest recommendation for customer satisfaction. The people are fantastic from top to bottom and go beyond to ensure a great boating experience. We just purchased our second boat from them in the last 3 years and could not be happier. So excited for all the memories our family is making on the water together.” ~Jason H., Rinkers Boat World Customer

With many families being forced to reconfigure their daily lives to accommodate the constant changes, let boating keep you connected and be your escape. If you would like to jump in on all this fun, you can contact Rinker’s Boat World at Lakeshore today! Get ready for a whole new experience and to become one of the family!

Rinker’s Boat World—a Full-Service Boat Dealership has two Locations to Choose From:

Rinker’s Boat World at Lakeshore is on the shores of Lake Conroe and located at 15225 Walden Rd., Montgomery, TX 77356. Call us at (936) 448-2628 or visit us online at www.RinkersLakeshore.com. One of our best assets is our location right on the water. Having waterfront at our dealership enables ‘Demo Days/Test Drives’ right on the water and/or our customers to be able come by boat if they need something. Rinker’s Boat World is located at 2500 W. MT Houston Rd., Houston, TX 77038. Call (281) 847-0064 or visit www.RinkersBoatWorld.com.

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