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Park and Sell: How to Guarantee You’ll get a Fair Price for Your Vehicle or Boat

Park and Sell: How to Guarantee You’ll get a Fair Price for Your Vehicle or Boat

How Park And Sell takes the hassle out of selling.

With over 20 years of experience in Montgomery County, Park and Sell owner Jerry Arthur and his crew can help you sell those unwanted items. Whether it’s a car, boat, trailer, or heavy equipment, Park And Sell is committed to selling items at great prices, for both customers and sellers. If you are looking for a trusted consignment business to work with, Park And Sell has the skills to get you the best deal you can find.


Selling with Park And Sell is easy. After taking over the former consignment business, owner Jerry set to making the process as easy as possible. “We began to offer our clients a one-stop place to buy or sell all their transportation and recreational needs, with us taking care of all the paperwork. Now, we can also assist with bank or credit union financing to help them with their purchase.” This makes it easier for both parties as most of the heavy lifting is done by Park And Sell. Don’t get ripped off thinking you are getting a good deal from a dealer. As Jerry says, “Before you trade a motor vehicle or boat in, come see us and let us tell you what we think we can sell your item for. You might be amazed at the difference.

If the dealer is giving you a good deal, we will tell you the truth about how much more you could make! We truly care about our customers, who are not only our business partners, but our friends.” Instead of dealing with negotiations and haggling, Park And Sell will do that for you to make sure you can make the best deal possible. For sellers who are looking to sell old recreational items but don’t feel they can get much for it, Park And Sell knows what customers are looking for and can give you an honest estimate of what you should get for it.

However, this doesn’t come at the expense of the customer. Jerry is committed to selling quality products at affordable prices, “Our customers know that we do our best to either sell them a clean consignment or get them the best price if they are selling on consignment. Our business is built on repeat customers who trust us when buying or selling items.” Jerry and his team have been selling for over twenty years and building relationships in the community that people can trust. For Park And Sell, they start with the needs of the customer first and work backward to an item that will help best fit their needs. When you come to Park And Sell you will be treated like family. Scott Moore on Google Reviews backs this up:

“Purchased a car for my teenage son. Frank was very helpful and very honest about the car. After test driving the car, I left to think about the purchase. I called and told Frank I would be purchasing the car. I came back to find the car with a fresh inspection, cleaned, and the paperwork ready to sign. Easiest car purchase I’ve ever made.”

Trust and Integrity

You don’t build a business selling other people’s items without having a good reputation. Using a consignment business means you have to trust the people you are selling with or buying from. As Jerry puts it, “We would like people to know that we don’t take items that have problems. Before people buy a vehicle from us it goes through a state inspection. If we see vehicles with excessive leaks we will not sell the vehicle. If there are any check engine lights or problems we can spot, we either have the seller fix it or won’t take it in. Our boats are required to go through a rigorous inspection with a compression check to expose possible motor issues. The customer doesn’t want problems, and we don’t either. Again, our reputation in the community is paramount.”

This is important because customers and sellers who may be not as knowledgeable about how to sell can use them for guidance. Park And Sell empowers buyers and sellers to know exactly what they are getting and for how much. 

Not only that, but Park And Sell has the largest selection of American based vehicles. They love to sell items that are American made and will help bolster the local community. No matter your budget, you can rest easy knowing you are getting a great deal while giving back to the community.

A Word of Advice

Although consignment lots are common, what many people may not know is dealerships often have personal stakes in selling specific items. As Jerry points out, “We are a true consignment lot in that we do not buy or sell dealer-owned vehicles. Most other lots offer to consign, but simply put the consignments with the vehicles they own, and it is obvious that they want to sell their own vehicles to make more money.” Don’t fall for that trap, choose a partner who is going to sell your items and not their own. Park And Sell has a personal incentive to sell your items and want to see customer’s needs met. The team at Park And Sell is dedicated to providing customers with a service done honestly and simply. Each customer that comes to the lot will be met with a warm smile and friendly face. Susan Clour on Google Reviews best sums this up:

“I loved working with these guys! They work hard to sell your items not only quickly, but at your asking price. I will definitely be back to see them! Do yourself a favor and reach out to them to sell your stuff!”

If you are looking for a consignment lot to sell or purchase items at reasonable prices, Park And Sell should be your first stop. If you are looking for trailers, they also own Montgomery Trailer Sales, which is on the same property. They are located at 13245 highway 105 West Conroe, TX 77304, and you can contact them at (936) 588-6151. You can also find them online at www.parkandsell105.com or www.montgomerytrailersales.com

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