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Celebrate National Golf Month

Celebrate National Golf Month

Did you know that August is National Golf Month? Whether you know your way around a green or putt-putt golf is more your speed, there is no better way to celebrate than to play. So book a tee time for yourself and a buddy or head out to the driving range to hit a bucket of balls. No matter what your handicap, there are lots of ways you can make this National Golf Month a hole in one.

Try a new golf course

A great way to improve your game is to experience different courses. The unfamiliar terrain may encourage you to try out that new driver or putter you got for Father’s Day. Check out a new public course or get in with a friend who has a membership to a private course. You can also play in a charity golf tournament

Take lessons

Jack Nicklaus said “Don’t be too proud to take lessons. I’m not.” Learn to play or improve your game by getting lessons from a pro. All amateur golfers need help with their swing and lessons can improve it drastically. Experienced golfers swear by taking a block of lessons every 2 or 3 years to sharpen their skills. You can find private lessons or group classes in most areas, so check your local golf clubs. 

Buy new clubs

Father’s Day has come and gone and it isn’t your birthday (or maybe it is), so you just might have to give yourself that set of Callaway Epic Irons or TaylorMade M4 Fairways Woods you’ve had your eye on.

For beginners who are ready to invest in their first full set of clubs, you can find a 16-piece with a driver, irons, a hybrid, a wood, and a putter in a stand bag for less than $300.

Try a golfing video game

Even during bad weather, you can still play 18 holes… on your game console. If you prefer sports games with an arcade feel, check out Tiger Woods PGA Tour. If you want a realistic golfing experience, try The Golf Club 2 or John Daly’s ProStroke Golf. 

Watch the Golf channel on TV

You can watch live coverage of every major championship and top PGA tour events from your recliner. When there isn’t a live tournament going on, catch an interview with one of your favorite players or a documentary about the best courses in the world. Relax and enjoy shows like Best Lessons Ever, Chronicles of a Champion Golfer, or Inside the PGA Tour. You’ll get tips to improve your own game or learn more about the pro golfing circuit. Even the commercials on the golf channel seem hushed!

Involve your kids

Summer is a great time to play golf with your kids. Take them out to the driving range or mini-golf course for hours of fun and family bonding. There are even indoor putt-putt courses for when it’s just too hot outside. Make some memories…and who knows? You may have the next Tiger Woods living under your roof.

Don’t forget to yell, “Four!”

When you love golf, National Golf Month is a wonderful excuse to celebrate it. Get a new pair of golf shoes and load up on some new balls and a bag of tees. Have a nice cold Arnold Palmer. Spend some time enjoying 18 holes of bliss.

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