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5 Reasons to Train Your Dog

5 Reasons to Train Your Dog

You love your dog. He brings you so much joy and you love him, but you don’t love everything he does. A disobedient dog or one who has behavioral issues can be hard to deal with. This causes you and the dog a lot of stress. It may be time to train your dog.

A properly trained dog is important – not just for your own peace of mind, but for the dog’s well being. If you have a dog that disobeys or can’t control himself, it not only affects you and your dog, but anyone he comes in contact with. Your family and friends, other dogs and the vet will all benefit from a well trained dog. But it isn’t your dogs fault, it is your responsibility to have your dog groomed, looked after by a vet and trained.

No matter its age, breed, or temperament, it is not a lost cause for your dog. Here are five reasons to consider training your dog.

For their own safety

The better you can control your dog with voice commands, the better you can protect him without a leash. A dog that takes off running when the leash comes off is much more likely to be hit by a car, or to slip out the front door before you’re ready to leave. You don’t want to have to stop and find him or have to go through the horror of finding your dog hurt.

Also, should your dog ever get lost and have to be put in a shelter until you are reunited, being well-trained increases the likelihood he will behave well, or in the event that you have to find a new home for your dog, be placed with a new family.

For your own benefit

When it comes to training your dog, working regularly with your dog helps you to understand him and what he needs better, making you an even better owner. It can also be great exercise and it makes it easier to take him along wherever you want to go.

To make your dog more social

As your dog learns to behave properly around other dogs, and other people, they will be more comfortable with him, too. If he begins to enjoy being social, your dog will be more and more relaxed each time.

If you ever have to board your dog

That increased sociability becomes even more important when it’s time to board your dog. Or when friends offer to take care of him while you’re gone. It’s one thing for your dog to obey your commands, but a well-trained dog will also follow others’ orders in your absence. 

You can teach old dogs new tricks

You’ve heard it said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but that is simply not true. An older dog is just as capable of being trained as a younger dog. Older dogs just may need a few accommodations, but they can learn to take instruction.

A well-behaved dog means less stress (for you and him) and a stronger bond for the both of you. So train your dog, for you sake.

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