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The beginning of fall is the best time to catch the Bull Reds in Galveston.  It’s still a little early but we can’t wait to hear our reels scream.  The Bull Reds swim from the bays to the Gulf to spawn. Redfish are members of the Drum family.  When they are pulled out of the water they make a unique drumming sound.  They are also called Red Drums.  Redfish range in color from silver to a copper red and then fade to white on the bottom.  They also have a large ringed spot on the upper part of the body at the start of the tail.

Trey, Austin and I went out on the weekend of September 12 to 8 Mile Beach.  We threw out the cast net to catch some mullet with no luck at all.  I decided to go to the local bait shop to pick up some mullet since we were not having any luck catching and it was the same story there.  There were no mullets.  Redfish like to eat shrimp, crab and mullets so I decided to try something different and bought some crabs to use for bait. 

Currently the limit is 3 Redfish between 20” to 28”.  You can also purchase a bonus Red Drum tag allowing you to keep one Redfish more than 28 inches.  We always release the Red Drums back into the ocean.  We just love catching them!

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We got back to the beach and walked out to the second sandbar, normally we go out to the third but the tide was too high.  We started fishing at 10 p.m. that is when the Bull Reds are biting.  We fished for hours and got lots of bites from catfish.  Finally, I got a Bull Red on and set the hook and handed over my reel to Austin.  I wanted him to see what it was like to catch a Bull Red.  He reeled and reeled fighting the fish for 15 minutes and then he landed the giant 36-inch Bull Red.  Then we released him back into the ocean.  We fished till 2 a.m. and that was the only fish caught for the night.  THROW IT OUT, POP IT IN, FISH ON!

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