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The Power of Transparency

The Power of Transparency

What REAL customer service looks like from Truwin, the transparent window & door company.™

In most industries, just about every company says they have the best customer service, the best products, the best value…you name it. However, we all know that the real story is told by the customers, not the company. 

“Your brand isn’t what you say it is. It’s what they say it is.” – Marty Neumeier

Great marketing can only go so far. In the end word of mouth is still the most powerful force behind business growth. That means the customer experience has to be great, consistently. Good word of mouth can do wonders for a business. Bad word of mouth can destroy it. 

Truwin is a bit of an anomaly in the windows and doors industry. They understand the secret behind true success: customer service. This is evident not because Truwin says it, but because their customers say it.

Here’s a five star review from one of their recent customers:

“This is the third time we worked with Truwin, and each time was as professional and friendly as a homeowner could want. The quality of the windows and doors is amazing.” S. Z. 

And this one:

“We chose Truwin because of the quality of their windows and the overall professionalism of their staff. Jay and Tom were really easy to work with from start to finish and we are beyond happy with our windows. Our home is instantly less drafty and a lot more quiet. Now to watch those energy bills drop! I HIGHLY recommend going with Truwin.” R. F. 

Sure, every company has a few five star reviews like these, but Truwin only has five star reviews just like these across multiple websites online. 

It’s safe to say, Truwin is different. And that difference is something every other business should pay close attention to. 

Jay Chappell, President of Truwin, understands the value of the customer’s experience. “We don’t want to just sell you windows. We want to build a relationship with you that will last decades.” He adds, “the key thing is education. We want to teach the customer about the experience – what to look for and what not to look for – what’s important for you and your home. We want to provide those valuable insights as much as possible.”

Education is the key. Many companies are built around the sales model to make the most profit and close as many deals as possible. Truwin takes a different approach. They take time to get to know the customer, to educate them on every detail that could affect them, and then help them to make the best decision for their unique situation.

This is why Truwin doesn’t just stick to offering one brand to their customers – a common tactic in the industry. 

Who is Truwin?

Truwin was born out of necessity. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Jay partnered with Mike Wimberly, a home builder near Kingwood at the time, to rebuild homes destroyed by the devastating storm. They completed 36 homes during that time, and in August of 2018 Truwin was launched.

During builds and remodels, windows and doors are often one of the biggest causes of frustration for homeowners. Truwin set out to change that. 

Since starting in 2018, Truwin has quickly grown into one of the highest rated window and door installation companies in Southeast Texas. 

Why New Windows?

In Texas, we’re no stranger to the relentless summer heat and the high energy bills that come with it. You may not realize it, but your windows could be causing you to pay much more than you should be in energy costs. 

“One of the main reasons people need new windows is for energy efficiency. They’ve got old single pane, aluminum windows that are constantly leaking air and their electric bill is high,” says Jay.

But it’s not just energy efficiency that excites people about new windows. Curb appeal is very much an incentive to upgrade. You may want new windows simply to make the front, side, and back of your house look prettier. Perhaps you want to change out some old windows and revitalize a space by adding french doors. Windows play a huge role in most people’s dream projects. 

Another key reason to upgrade your windows is for durability and security. Old windows, worn out locks, and tired frames not only look bad, but could be a vulnerable spot in your home. A break-in would not be difficult. More importantly, hurricane season is a real threat every year in Texas. Upgrading your windows could make a huge difference in protecting your home should a major storm hit. 

More than Windows

Truwin is more than just a window provider. “A lot of companies just want to sell windows and be done. We look at it from a different perspective. We are always happy to talk with the customer about their dream vision and what that entails, and more than likely we are able to make that dream vision come true.”

This is why Truwin also offers services like siding and doors. Your vision is bigger than just windows and Truwin works with you to bring it all to life. 

How to Stand Out – Advice from Truwin

Be consistent.

It sounds almost too simple, but at times like we are living in right now, consistency gets easily disrupted. Some companies are trying to think outside of the box and are scrambling to stay afloat, much less grow. 

“The big thing I was taught by my dad who was in business for over 30 years is to never live in panic,” says Jay. “There will always be ebbs and flows; there will be ups and downs. As long as you can be consistent with maintaining the quality of your service to your customers, then business will come. You will be able to maintain and keep doing business. But you have to keep the faith. You have to make sure you stay consistent. Because when you start making drastic changes out of panic, that’s when things start to unravel and you lose control.”

There are highs and lows throughout the lifetime of every business. The ones who rise to the top time and time again are the ones who remain consistent to their strengths. 

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t think outside of the box and explore innovation in your business, but you should never lose sight of the most important piece of the whole puzzle: real customer service.

If you want to replace your windows and want to work with a company that cares, go with Truwin. 

If you’re a business that wants to reach the next level, follow their example. Make your customers the hero and treat them like family. 

If it’s time to replace or upgrade your windows, you can call or text Truwin at (832) 777-3681 or learn more about their groundbreaking approach to service at www.truwin.com. 

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