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A Break Check on 2020

A Break Check on 2020

Hola everyone! As you can see my 4th attempt at retirement has failed so I guess I should have said, Howdy all! 

Last year in November 2019, Dock Line Magazine, Inc., and Voixly LLC agreed to merge our companies. My wife and I arrived back from Mexico January 14, 2020 and began the process of introducing our separate families together and working on our office in Magnolia.  To say the process has been easy would be a lie, but looking back it has been the most exciting thing I have ever been a part of. 

Our growing team of 20 employees ranges in age from 20 to 65+. We have successfully found a way to also merge paper and ink with everything digital. We have developed a mailing program using real time digital information called DAM, Digital Advantage Mail, Inc. The old days of mailing using home values and income are over. We can now target only homes that have an interest in businesses or articles that are in Dock Line through the digital information available to us and turn that information into a street address which means our customers are now seeing an increase in sales. We know this because each magazine is delivered to a home that has an interest in them. We have also been helping, quietly, customers get their digital houses in order through Web Design, SEO, Video, Copywriting, Social Media and soon Podcasts and much more. At the same time we have been building out 5,400 square feet to have all of our services contained under one roof. The days of someone walking through your door selling you on a web design or any other product and running home and calling India or someone that knows someone are also over. Soon a business owner will be able to walk into a brick and mortar building and see the very person doing the work for them, or sit in a sound room to have a video made or conduct their own live podcast. 

Merging our 20+-year-old magazine with everything digital and the unique way we mail it is a home run for all. Readers and advertisers will see many more changes as the months and years progress because you see, without you all we would not exist and we are very thankful for every one of you. 

I know 2020 was nothing anyone saw coming and was hard on many, but I was told something when I was upset about something when I was younger and I have never forgotten it. A person I admired told me, “I have never seen an ill wind that didn’t blow in some good”.  My wish is each and every one of you is able to breathe in some good that the ill winds of 2020 have blown in.

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