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Leveling-Up the Solutions for Your Concrete Problems

Leveling-Up the Solutions for Your Concrete Problems


We’ve all been there. You’re walking down the sidewalk enjoying the outdoors with a skip in your step. But all of a sudden out of nowhere that skip in your step becomes a trip in your step, and you fall and scrape a knee (or worse!) and now have to pretend you’re not embarrassed to anyone who witnessed the scene.  

But that “nothing” you tripped over was actually a small, yet very effective uneven spot in the concrete, and you’re probably not the first person to have found it so unexpectedly and, well, ungracefully.

While it’s important to be able to laugh at yourself when something like this happens in general, uneven concrete contributing to unsafe conditions is no laughing matter. 24% of all pedestrian injuries are due to tripping on an uneven or cracked sidewalk. These injuries can be incurred around your own home by you, family members (including the young or elderly), friends, delivery workers, etc.; they can also happen on your small business property resulting in a liability issue; and they can even contribute to disputes with your HOA. 

So as time has gone by, that little crack in your concrete you’ve ignored has become an immediate and seemingly expensive problem of concrete replacement. But are there other options? 

Thankfully, yes. You have options. 

Discount Concrete Leveling Service

In 2009, Brett Weary started Discount Concrete Leveling Service with an aim to give people an immediate solution to the immediate problems they have with their concrete. And that’s just what he and his team do every day.

Discount Concrete Leveling Service specializes in improving concrete situations including uneven, sinking, settling, or cracking found on any residential or commercial exterior non-loadbearing flatwork, such as driveways, sidewalks, porches, parking lots, etc.  

Providing concrete lifting services to the Houston and surrounding areas, Brett and his team can help owners and managers reduce possible expenses of trip-and-fall liability hazards of uneven concrete, and can also help improve the property appearance to prospective buyers or tenants. 

The repairing and leveling process provided by Discount Concrete Leveling Service makes the slab stronger than the eroded soil it’s replacing. It’s durable and ready to use the same day, and just as permanent as the more expensive replacement procedure. “I like to reach out and inform people that there is a cost-effective solution…I like seeing that smile on customer’s faces when they [realize they don’t have to worry] anymore.” Furthermore, Brett elaborated, 

“Working with concrete is a ‘crown of thorns’ all its own with a unique set of problems”. 

To the average homeowner or small business owner, these problems can seem intimidating and, after a quick Google search, at times impossibly expensive. But don’t be overwhelmed! Helping people in this situation is exactly why Brett started his business and what he is most passionate about. With his knowledge and expertise about all things concrete and his effective team of skilled and experienced craftsman at the helm, he has been easing worries and providing simple and cost-effective solutions to concrete problems for years.

Customer Service: The Foundation for Flatwork Repair

Brett Weary is a proud Aggie and extends that pride into his work. With an extensive background in customer service, he understands customer satisfaction and makes that the foundation of his business.

He employs no pushy sales tactics and just lets his business speak for itself in the trust he’s gained with satisfied customers over the years through excellent, ethical, and honest work.

Being a smaller, family-owned business makes possible all of the personal attention this company prides itself on. When you call Discount Concrete Leveling Service, you’re not just calling a faceless business, you’re calling the owner, Brett Weary, who is involved in every aspect of each project, even giving you his personal cell phone number in case you have any questions throughout the process. 

This one-on-one interaction with the owner helps reassure customers that even though they are being provided a cost-effective solution, he is personally investing himself into ensuring each project is also provided with high-quality craftsmanship and a high level of customer attention.

Fractures Fixed for a Financial Fraction

Also referred to as mud jacking, concrete lifting, concrete raising, void filling, and pressure grouting, this concrete leveling service enables homeowners to repair the problem in their concrete at a fraction of the cost of a complete replacement and repouring procedure. “It’s such a simple technology. It’s not rocket science, but it is a proven science that is a feasible, fiscally affordable alternative solution.”

“My purpose is to save people thousands of dollars. I charge based on the size, scope, and overall difficulty of the entire project. I don’t nickel and dime over details.” Brett also ensures that there will be no surprises on an invoice after the initial estimate; and if any problems arise during the job, he, the owner, is personally on-site for every project to discuss them or answer any questions. 

The smaller size of his business also allows for a lower overhead, which translates to lower prices for his customers. Brett loves being able to save homeowners money on their concrete projects with his services. And that savings is a whopping average of about 50%-70% of the cost of the conventional replacement and repouring alternative. 

Customers are pleasantly surprised not just with the low financial investment of this service, but with the low time investment as well. A typical project lasts less than one day, with many projects taking only a few hours to complete. 

“Don’t Replace It! Level It!”

A truth many people don’t think to be aware of is that concrete doesn’t last forever. Choosing to extend the life of your concrete rather than replace it not only extends the life of your bank account but that of the environment as well. Disposing of concrete is a messy, hazardous, and wasteful business, even when recycled. So, the best option is to monitor the condition of your concrete and repair it as needed. 

The three biggest enemies of concrete are gravity, water, and tree roots. While we can’t do anything about gravity, we can be aware of fractures and other places water can seep in over time and the proximity of a portion of a slab to a tree and its roots.

Brett urges people to pay more attention to their driveways, sidewalks, pool decks, parking lots, etc.; by doing your part to monitor expansion joints and taking action as soon as a fracture becomes apparent, he can do his part and come in to inexpensively extend the lifetime of your concrete by raising, repairing, and stabilizing it. However, if you wait too long until the problem has become unmanageable, it might be too late, and you’ll be stuck with a very expensive replacement procedure as your only option.

So why wait? 

In fact, there is no better time to let Discount Concrete Leveling Service address your concrete problems than today. Brett is extending the 10% off holiday discount through the spring, so BOOK NOW! 

Discount Concrete Leveling Service: DISCOUNTED

And, as always, estimates are completely free. 

For more information, visit www.DiscountConcreteLeveling.com or call 713-568-9456. Discount Concrete Leveling Service is based out of Tomball/Magnolia and services the Houston and surrounding areas Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Give them a call to schedule your free estimate today!

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